Thursday, 15 December 2011

skin deep

Male model Andrej Pejic models a push-up bra

I don’t know what to make of this? Is it a complete insult to women or a great achievement for transvestites? Pejic, 20, models for; the Dutch brand Hema. He wears the "mega push-up" bra, which guarantees "2 cups extra". He wears the underwear under a dress, I assume to hide the ribbed stomach, complete flat chested and chicken fillet filled bra. Of course it completely normal for some girls to be flat chested and even I have reached to bottom of my underwear drawer and worn padding in my bra.

I really can’t decide what my feelings are towards this. Why big question though is why did Hema chose to use a male model? using a male model to advertise bra’s? maybe it’s a marketing trick to show how ever flat chested you are this bra will perk you up (sorry for the pun!). or maybe just maybe, it’s a publicity stunt to get us talking about the brand and turn the unheard name Hema into a household one.

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