Sunday, 30 December 2012


It's been nearly a week since Christmas, and it feels a bit late to now be doing a Christmas post. But i've enjoyed reading everyone's so much that I wanted to do my own!
Being in retail I was back to work on the 27th and haven't had time to sit down and do this post till now :)

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

One of the lads

I fell for this 'parental advisory' wife beater in the mens section of h&m last month. And I couldn't wait to get it home, pose around and dream of summer - which this will be a staple.
Anyways, buying the top it occurred to me that I have A LOT of mens clothes, and I thought I'll show you into my wardrobe of androgynous pieces. I have worn 'boys' clothes for as long as I can remember, something of the 'lad' within me and trying to be one of the boys is probably to blame, but I always just loved the way that mens clothes are cut, they look great on a women's body.

New Boots!! ps I need your help!



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