Tuesday, 31 January 2012


So i finally cracked and had a small shopping spree. Saturday and today. to be fair i haven't brought that much, but when trying to save for a deposit for a mortage; i could have probably done without.

Saturday - primark
i amm sure primark is satan of the high street. only ever once in a very azure blue moon can walk in and not spend over £70. fortunately i had one of those days and brought just two items. A pinestripe blouse which i wore to work today getting lots of compliments. and secondly i Amy Winehouse and mark ronson t-shirt. it is mens but brought it a small fits good. i always like men's clothes on women; we just look good in them. Bin all this 'boyfriend cardi' and 'boyfriend jeans' get the real thing and buy your boyfriends clothes! much better!

 oh and i lie. i did buy this amazing tights too! cant wait to wear them this weekend.

today was another small hit on my debit card too, i've wanted to get a pair of flat slip boots for months and haven't been able to find a pair i liked anywhere. im really fusy with boots; which is why the only 3 pairs i own already are all doc martens. but luck would have it; i walked it to matan today and found these for £22! also in black; but im still obessed with brown shoes at the moment.

and lastly, late last thursday night i was internet shopping on my iphone and found these bad boys in New Look. High waisted tartan jeggings. my heart was in heaven; and they are even more perfect in the flesh. These are now my new favourite in my wardrobe.

unitl tomorrow!

Just a quick post to start with an apology. I have been away for almost a week, because I’ve been concentrating on a lot of side projects and freelance work that has kept me distracted.

I will this evening be doing a big post on updates for the last week. Photo diary for my fashion challenge and purchases I have made (yes! The money in my pocket finally burned!) also some news and other what nots. Rants, shopping ideas, collections etc you know how it works.

So until this evening, here is a beautiful photo of the meadham kirchhoff mood board for S/S 2012. Let your eyes glitter.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012


Every now and then it pays off to waste hours at a time luring the internet. Today via Tumblr, i came accross this amazing site http://www.gurl.com/ it is a website for teenage girls, and exactly everything a teenage girl needs, wants, aspires, dreams, intrigues. at 22 i am still holding out on my teenage years and it's sites that this keep my inspired by my teenage youth.

it was these pictures that lured me to GURL.

hole in my pocket still

it is pay day tomorrow!! i do not think i have ever been more greatful it then today! as i have ranted in previous posts i am poor, poor, poor! from midnight tonight i will offically have funds, and i cant think of anything better than to celebrate with a midnight internet shopping spree :D

yes dump idea, and thats what got me into the poor situation i'm in, but i just cant help myself! i have definately decided however that tomorrow lunch time i will be making way to River Island. their new SS range has hit stores and online and i just cant choose from them all! i particularly love the matching sets of afican aztec tops/ skirts/ shorts/ trousers thats avaliable.

red tassel bube tube £14.00, red tassel skirt £16.00 yellow/green aztex vest £16.00, yellow/green aztek shorts £14.00

i've made a fake shopping baset (add everything i love to buy to my shopping basket) it's currently at £144.00 and 6 items! i need to do some editing, no way can i afford to buy all that!

the thing i most fallen for is this ugly, blue bomber jaket at £40. it's a love child of M.I.A an Jimmy Saville

 Also today, i recieved the new H&M catalogue. 'Season Favourites' it's called. but just like the online store it's so boring i've chucked it straight in the bin. Full of basics and nothing much else.


I forgot so easily where i am with photo's the weekend completely throws me off i need to start up loadings photo's daily. Also i deeply appolgise for my camera, it is so shite everything looks yellow and is out of focus. time to buy a new one? here's my photo diary for the last 7 days.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

hole in my pocket

i have such an issue with money. i am generally completely skint right now; not the type of skint when you tell people your really skint but there's a couple coins in your purse and a fiver in your bank. i mean the type of poor when i actually generally have no funds at all. i am £23 over drawn and i don't even have a overdraft!

So the bank wouldn't charge me XXXX amount for being overdrawn i went to my savings account (which is low already) and paid some money into my account. I also took out a bit extra to cover me until i get paid next thursday. Not a lot £20, more than enough for essinstals but enough to buy food, emergency petrol if i need it. The second i walked out of the bank i headed straight to the new shopping centre in town to see what i could buy!
what is wrong with me? i do this every month, and the reason i am £23 overdrawn is because of this exact same reason! last week, while stalking the world of tumblr i found these amazing leggings. i'm not a leggings person, but these are just so f-ing cool i had to have, no questions asked.

yes i know i know there are truely amazing. i found them on the site www.prettysucks.com they have a few really lush things, but the majority of it isn't to my taste. But anyways i found these and on the stite it said 'last few remaining' so i couldn't sit and dwell on weather to buy them or not. i had to just do ahead and do it.

the site is german and they arrived within a week which really impressed me. Also i got 2 stickers, i love this when you recieve free merch with purchases, it makes it feel so personal . in town i did try on a few bits in my favourite shop right now - New Look they have this ugly neon aztec print veset top which i fell in love with, and a mint green vintage lace crop top (couldnt fit more adjec tives in there if i tried!)
i though the 2 would look cool layered together, which they did. i wanted to buy the zest top and walked over to the till. they had obviously crashed and there was a new bird on the tills runnning around headless not knowing what to do. so i dumped the top on a rail of leopard print skirts and bailed.

i did however cross the road to HMV and brought Dum Dum girls duebt and Hunter S, Thompson's Fear and loathing in las vegas. ohh and some socks, girls gotta have socks. so from my £20 i had, i now have £4 to last me till next wednesday. and it can't come soon enough.

Now the biggest decision of my evening is what colour to dye my hair...


In the last week i have seen 2 stylish films. The Iron Lady, and The Artist.

The iron lady is good but strange film. I heard David Cameron say he wished that the film hadn't been released yet, and since seeing it i completely agree. The film concentrates on Margret Thatcher’s present life, an old women lost in the fast past world of London with a slowly deteriorating health and mental state. The film looks back at how her life planned out, the mistakes she made and how she would if had the chance possibly change things. It is a memoir and like David Cameron said, it is odd to have such a dedicated memoir about someone in their last days that is still alive.
However saying this, the film is good; and I’ve since wanted to find out more about Mrs Thatcher and what she did as prime minster. I don’t know a lot nor agree with what I do know, but I deeply admire her for what she achieved in a man’s world.
Style wise, it’s great. Maggie is well known for always wearing blue and the film was no different. A particular scene that I loved Margret Thatcher was stood in front of her wardrobe and inside was a sea of azure blue dresses, jackets, blouses and skirts. I was jealous. To put it bluntly blue is my favourite colour and I cannot wear it. With my olive skin too me it just never looks right.

i've picked through the shops and here is the best Iron Lady blue.


 What can i say about the artist. it is truely a brillant film. i watched it sunday and had to travel 20 miles out of town to see it (we are obviously not cultured enough in my home town) i really recommend absolutely everyone to see, and see it on the big screen too. Some films are made for the big 1000 inch screen and it really adds to the atmospehre, waiting for the film to come out on dvd and watching it on the small screen just isn't going to give the film enough justice.
 Since watching the film i'm having a little 1920's rivial and keep goggling images online, i espcially love the photograph's of groups of girls and dress pattern drawings.

my favourtite film for 1920's style is actual Changling staring Angelina Jolie. The film is based on a true story of a women that's child went missing. Month's later the police find who they believe is her son, but mother knows best and it isn't. suddenly she is living with this strange boy in her house that is claiming to be her son, she fights the police to find her true child that have now given up the search and evenutlly they send her to a mental hospital. 
it's a very sad story, and a great watch i remcommend this too. Angelina as ever pulls off the 1920's single mother look with ease and i love watching her in it. strangely i think it is her hair that i am most in love with.

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