Wednesday, 29 February 2012

I got distracted by the cosmetic eilse in tesco again today....
modelled beautifuly by my cat :D i brought rimmel wake up foundation, rimmel soft kohl eye liner, kate moss for rimmel lipstick and batisee dry shampoo.

I only went in to buy the eye liner but it was 3 for 2 on all rimmel make up so i just couldn't help myself. i'd read about the new 'wake up' foundation on many blogs and wanted to give it ago, as i wasnt to impressed with the last foundation i brought from Rimmel (i know again! i am a rimmel fiend). I really like the range of colours in the kate moss collection too, but i brought today the nude shade of Rossetto no# 08.

But now i am off! im running late for a girls night in with dvd's pizza, wine, gossip, and face masks! i'm really excited :)

anyone doing anythign exciting this evening?

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

nail advice

nothing has really happened today in world 'antoinette' but i just wanted to show you my 90's rival nails to co-ordinate with the 90's grunge/rave trend that is recurreculating at the moment.

Also does anyine have any tips on how to stop my mother from stealing my clothes? she has done it since the year dot, but over the last couple of months it has really started to get on my nerves. We are not the same dress size (she is bigger) so my clothes not being 'rude' become streched/ ruined or i never see them again.

advise please?

Monday, 27 February 2012

So i am back from Newcastle. 5 hours, broken back, sour eyes, and a very powerded nose later i am back :)
i actually returned last night, around half 10 though sitting on a train doesn't use much engery it is damn tiring. So i went straight to bed and left it till this evening to write up about my trip.

Newcastle is cool. I was slightly nervous on the way being a southern fairy; at doncaster a women got on train sat across the elise from me and made a phone call. I listened in, but not rudely becuase i could not understand a word she said. She spoke so fast and her accent was so strong, i did begin to worry if i would be able to understand anyone and would i myself stick out like a saw thumb with my monotone accent? haha but it was fine, i understood everyone and they understood me (or so i think!).
We went shopping in Newcastle centre, i was concious that i had no space in my bag it fit more clothes, and i didnt want to turn into a bucaroo donkey, so the only things i brought was a ring and 2012 diary.

 ring (on my 'ring' finger) £6 from river island and the diary was half price £4.50 at paperchase. i always wait to buy diarys until we are into the new year, you get them so much cheaper then.

While shopping i noticed there was a lots different styles wondering the streets of Newcastle. Bright red dyed hair and shorts with tights were definately the dominate looks in the city. Though we did spot a girl in primark who was perfect 'Snog, Married, Avoid' material. Just shopping she was wearing pink flash eye lashses, stelitto heels, bleached hair, orange skin and black hands. She was in her element and though her style wasnt my taste i admired her confidence and dedication to her image. There was also supposedly a vintage fair being held at the Newcastle Uni. Michelle and I went, but couldn't find it anywhere! Aimlessly we walked around trying to find it, but failed mesribly! so we went back to Michelle's house for gossip, wine, lots of junk food, magaiznes and dress up.

These are pictures for the rest of the weekend. my favourite is me in the pink wig found in a corner of Michelle's room :)

This was my 'enterianment' pacakge for the train. I started and read all of them accross the weekend.
 I also got my christmas presents from Michelle. We both collect stuff over the year to give each other so when we give them it becomes a cool little package :) this is what i got from the lovely Michelle.

So for my lack of spending over the weekend, i made up for it today in my lunch break :) I visited, Topshop, Boots, H&M, New Look, River Island and paperchase! I'm so excited for summer and really wanted to get some summer pieces, i also needed a new skirt for work because i broke the zip on my last one a couple of weeks ago.
This is what a brought -
black high waisted skirt and baseball t-shirt bith H&M

Black tube skirt from River Island
pink crop top also from river island

 turqoise crop top from New Look.

I needed new eyeliner too, so i thought i would try the new gel liner that is everywhere, and brought this Maybeline lasting drama gel eye liner.

It comes with a brush and is really easy to create and accurate line or a smokey edge.
I tested it on my eyes this evening. I switched the photo's to black and white beacuse the lighting is bad in my bedroom and it shows the make up better.

Friday, 24 February 2012


So a couple of i posts ago i mentioned that was writing a freelance piece for a magazine. The magazine is question is Glitterball Magazine. It is a online publication that is made, edited, photographed, created, founded and writting by my sister Michelle :D

i was actually the cover girl for the last issue and i splashed the online pages inside the magazine for a cleopatra inspired shoot.

see me on the cover! (ignore the bags under my eyes, please!) the magazine is all about fashion, beauty and travel; you can read it online HERE! it also features articles on music, art, interviews, and everyone's favourite horroscopes!

i really urge you go and have a sneak over and read this great magazine!

the links are -

Tomorrow i am off to visit my girl Michelle in Newcastle!! i've never been so im really excited, im currently multitasking writing this post, packing and bag and chatting on email to michelle trying to work out what i need to pack! I am also sick so im trying to nurse myself as much as possible for tomorrow! early start i got to get 7.10 train to arrive at 2. We have another photoshoot to fit, as well as shopping, eating, gossiping and everything else two girls get up to in the city!

Anyone else been to Newcastle? recommend me places to visit, shop and site see!
and have a good weekend!

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Diamonds are a girls best friend

We do like a good celebration us brits! And this summer will be the party of parties. Not only is it Queen Elizabeth II Jubliee but we are also hosting the Olympic games.  Streets apon streets will be all singing and all dancing, decorated with jack flag bunting, tea cups and cup cakes :D

Today i receieved an email from cath kidston launching their Jubliee range and i am offically excited!!

 planning on buying the scarf and mug at least!

My local town is already planning big celebrtions. The biggest event is the ‘Picnic in the Park’  Live bands are to perform throughout the day and there will be an ‘It’s a Knockout’ competition, stalls and refreshments, including world food tasting and Giffords Circus comes to town with three shows scheduled for the Picnic in the Park. There will also big a screen showing the celebtrations all over the country!

 Super excited!! GOD SAVE THE QUEEN! (i am such a royalist you have no idea!!)

bottoms up!

Topshop vs New Look

L-R Topshop £29.99 New Look £14.99 New Look £14.99

the sleeveless tie up shirt is on my wishlist

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

The Brits!

So it is the Brit awards! Music's big night out in london. Could everyone be wearing their favourite finds from this weeks London Fashion Week?

I have made a prediction of who i think will be wining tonight. It's all on my music blog that  you can read here!! (save me writting it all out again:D)

Who do you think will be taking the show tonight?

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

true romance

it is valentines day (so i have noticed!); sadly i only get to see ny boyfriend at the weekend becuase of work, so tonight i am treating myself to a cheap bottle of wine and my favourite romance film - True Romance.

True Romance is a Tarantino film (so automatically, you'll know what to expect). It is Christian Slater's character's birthday. He's a lonely guy but happy amoungst himself. His work collegues hire the new 'escort' on the block Alabama (played by Patricia Arquetta) to 'bump' into Slater and make it a night to remember. It is Alabama's second night working, she fails mesribly and falls for Christian Slater instead of leaving her feelings at the door.

Alabama's pimp (gary oldman) won't let her leave so Slater, turns to the rescue kills him and steals his cocaine stash. The two of them are then on the run. Trying to escape police and Oldman's men, while trying to sell huge amounts of cocaine unexperienced and unknowledgable.
the film goes on, feature a young time waster and stoner (brad pitt), but second to all of this; another reason i am quite in love with this film is Patrica Arquetta's character's style. 50's kitsch meets 80's miami - fall in love with these images and you will be in love as me.

Happy Valentine's!!
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