Thursday, 28 February 2013

Out and About Magazine:

I was contacted a few weeks ago by a local magazine for a fashion piece they were writing for the next issue. Out and About Magazine is a local free magazine, it talks about the area, local businesses, key events etc
I  had a quick chat with the lovely Ellis from O&A regarding future trends, key pieces, what was seen on the catwalk so she could put the article together. And this is it!:

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Lunchtime Shopping #13 - Winged Goddess

Winged Wedge Shoes buy them here

Holy *****! Have you ever seen such an amazing pair of shoes?! Well maybe, Prada comes to mind and various harajuki street style girls. But never ever in the UK at amazing price!!

These bad boys (or should I say angels?) are a mesley £35!!! Available at they currently also have free UK Save Delivery if you spend over £30 - There are no excuses!
Shame they have already sold out of my size but they might have yours..........

Monday, 18 February 2013

3 words

It's that time of the month when payday is in reach and I start narrowing down my 'wishlists' to 'what I can actually afford list'.

I have been on a journey of self discovery recently, and in particular I am learning about my skin tone, and my body shape. I've finally come to terms with my olive skin, accepting it, and dare I say it, almost loving it?? (maybe not yet).
 As part of this learning curve I'm finding what suits me, my undertones and colourings. Learning that I have a yellow undertone, which is a 'cool' colour tone, (I always assumed I was 'warm' because I had olive skin) I've finally been able to find a foundation that suits me and with that I am discovering more colours and clothes. I think this is why I have had a sudden urge to clear out everything in my wardrobe, and buy a whole new one!

And with this sudden urge I have found myself obsessing over 3 colours - Cobalt Blue, Bright White and Burnt Orange. (ironically blue and orange are 2 colours I thought I could never wear). These are my current lusts!:

L-R Contrast Sleeve Dress Topshop £29, Blue Flatforms Topshop £48, Geometric Print Jumper Dress Topshop £38, Blue oversized Knit Jumper Topshop £36, Number Sleeve Pullover Topshop £35, Lace Top Miss Selfridge £24, Blue Leather Bag River Island £30, Motel Disco Pants £42.

Colour Inspiration from - Jessie J

I am obsessing over the plain blue oversized Knit from Topshop. I've tried it on 3 times and I love it, but I cant justify paying £36 for a plain jumper. Hopefully it will be in the sale soon!

L-R: Winged Goddess T-shirt Miss Guided £11.99, White Bikini Top £1 River Island, Cheetah Crop Top Topshop £14, White cutout Top Miss Guided £18.99, Sick Girl Cap £35 (ava. ASOS.COM) Adiddas Watch £50, White Buckle Wedges River Island £60, Wu Tnag Clang Sweatshirt TopShop £35, Boy London Vest (ASOS.COM) £35

Colour Inspiration - Rita Ora

In particular I'm loving white graphic/slogan tees and jumpers. I think that is the re-living the 90's thinking in my head. I love the Boy London and Sick Girl branding, but again I cant justify paying £30+ for a t-shirt that just says 'boy london'. Since seeing Rita Ora in a white swimsuit its on my wish list for this summer. I really like the sporty one that River Island have at the moment, and it's available in more colours. I also loved her simple white day dress, another on my list!

L-R orange wide leg trousers (Aqua @ £80, Topshop Lipstick in shade Infrared £8, Barry M Nail Paint in Tangerine £2.99, Orange High Tops Next (childrens dept) £35, Bodycon Dress Motel Rocks £45, Skinny Belt ASOS £6, Leather Bag Topshop £28, V-Neck Jumper Dress River Island £28.

 Colour Inspiration

How amazing does Rihanna look in orange! I always thought Orange clashed with my own skin tone, so vowed never to wear it. This was until last summer when I stole a simple orange t-shirt from my mother and received lots of compliments! Discovering my new favourite colour,  I brought this Barry M nail varnish in tangerine and wore it all summer, along with my Kate Moss for Rimmel Lipstick in shade 07 . The orange wide leg trousers above are beautiful, If I was a high flyer I would definitely snatch them up. But there is no way I can pay £80 for some orange flared trousers. Instead I think I'll have to buy the V-neck jumper dress for a much reasonable £28.

Are you obsessing over any colours recently? Or maybe discovered something you thought you couldn't wear?
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