Monday, 25 June 2012

TOWIZ: packing a suitcase !

Holiday fever as finally hit home! Tomorrow I am of to Zante, Greece! Wooo!! so excited! It's me and 3 of my old school friends, its gunna be so amazing and a complete budget holiday, which Im please with cause I am £200 overdrawn and I do not have an overdraft! DANGEROUS!

A colleague at my previous work, used to work as a holiday rep in Zante; which has turned out to be a god send! he's listed me all the clubs/ bars and places to go, where not to go! what do to, and what to see!

So I have been franticly packing over the last hour, wighed my suitcase (under 1kg! result!) and I am now making that awkard pile of stuff I need to take but cant pack because I need it in the morning! I hate that pile dont you! Makes you feel unfinished, and unerves you, like you going ot forget something!

I'll admit, I am quit a good packer. this is my suitcase, and I'll give you my holiday tips! for the perfect light and spacious suitcase:

Rule number 1. Roll not fold!
this is a golden rule, instead of folding your clothes ROLL them up. they take up less space AND amazingly dont crease!

Number 2. Split toiletries with other passengers.
There's no point in you both taking, sun cream, shower gell, shampoo, straightners, etc Make a list of what you going to need and then split it. Im taking, hairspray, curlers, make up remover, hair mouse, aftersun. And my friend is taking, hair dyer, shampoo, shower gel, sun cream.

Number 3. Wear you heavy/ big items.
Jeans are heavy! wear them, wedges/ heels wear them. heavy jewelley? wear it!

Number 4. Have a big hand luggage bag!
The rules, on weight and size of your suitcase are crazy these days. So another top tip of mine is to have a big handbag! this way, you can split the weight of any heavy items in your suitcase by carrying them through hand luggage. And if you suitcase is full you can sneak in those extra items of clothes and jewellery you brought!

Number 5. plan outfits before you pack! take versatile pieces.
Planning is key. Before every holiday I always try on everything I want to take and then elminate, what I don't like or what I cant wear with something else. For example; I have tops that can be worn with shorts and harem trousers, and over dresses. One top = 3 outfits.

And they are my top holiday packing tips!

Lastly I just wanted to add, last friday,, I was around my friends house, discussing/ planning out holiday. Last minute arrangements etc and we ame to the topic of 'what are we going to wear to the airport?' My friend Cassie brillantly said. 'Well, I cant decided weather to Sex and the City it, or just some trackie B's?' Well it was decided SEX AND THE CITY IT IS! we will be the most glamours people at 7 in the morning at birmingham airport. Hhahah it will be imense! I can not wait to see what the others are wearing! Im going for flatforms, high waisted jeans, crop shirt tied up at the front, a big 'fuck off' hat and tons of jewellery.

Photo's will follow, see you in a week!!!

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Under-Estimate the Girl.

Kate Nash has been our of the music radar for a while now. You might not of even noticed her since 'foundations' took over the british Stereo. I wasn't a particular fan of the 'pop' music she was producing, but i did love her punchy lyrics and almost rapping singing style; but I knew from reading an interview with her, we shared much of the same influences - bikini kill, kathleen hanna and the whole 90's riot grrrl movement; So i take an interest to read any news about her.

Today I read she has a new 'controversial' single out. It's controversial because it PUNK. She screams, she rants, she slams out some guitar chords. I love it, and even more I love the 'new look' she has going on. Long gone is the ginger hair and tea dresses. You hardly reconise her.....

She looks hot. We hear musicians alot saying 'this album is more me' or 'this third album is the music I always wanted to make', 'the first album was what the records company wanted to hear' and I asume the same goes with Kate's new album too. There's no date or title for the 3rd album release yet, but this is the 'controversial' single, that people are talking about - 'under estimate the girl' (I'm addicted)

Tuesday, 12 June 2012


so this is my new work: I thought i'll share somw photo's with you so you can see the lovely boutique I'm now currently manageress for. The shop has been open just 2 years and we are moving to new premises in the next few months. But now this is my new second home......

Today I also dressed the window. I went for a summery canary yellow to brighten up the dark rainy days we are having. 

Monday, 11 June 2012

black is back

It's my first day at my new work today!And to prove how excited I am, my brain woke me up at 6 am this morning no problems and I have been prancing around my house ever since. Because I don't start work now till half 9 I thought I'll kill some time and take an outfit photo for you.

The lighting so bad in my house, which is my I don't do these more often. The only place I can find in the house that gives good lighting, full body shots and good quality is in the garden. But it is raining like there is no tomorrow today so these will have to do......

happy monday!

Saturday, 9 June 2012

pastures new!

thank you for all your good luck messages! It was my last day at work yesterday, and I had a lovely day! My friend came up with the idea that we would have a 'tea party' lunch to celebrate my goodbye, we each  took some food in and turned to board room into a tea party :)

I have seen less food at a wedding reception. there were 14 of us at the tea party, and we didnt eat it all. We invited the sales team too (another 20 people) to join in and the couldn't finish it. So the reust was that I took all the leftovers home, and I am still eating now! hmmm vienesse whirls for breakfast! 

But this wasnt the only surprise today! I also received 2 amazing presents!

A Cath Kidston bag and a necklace from my new work! I have had my eye on this necklace since I went for the job interview and was so amazed that I got it!! the fact the my manger took time out of her working day to visit my new work, speak to my boss and get this necklace is amazing! Im in love with it!

I also received some great 'sorry your leaving' cards. It was great last day, I even worked an hours overtime! hahaha this is norm for my (now old) work, everyone works overtime infact your even looked down apon if you dont. but anyways off to my new adventure!!!! 

Friday, 8 June 2012

today's neckline

I could be Anne Boleyn today with these 2 necklaces. And metaphorically I guess I am; today is my last day at work. I worked in the offices for Rebound over 4 years now and it is finally time to say goodbye. I m not sad at all, I've wanted to leave for a long time and finally the chance came up and I was offered an amazing job as manager for an exclusive boutique in town - I START MONDAY!

Looking forward to weekend to catch up on sleep and re-engergise for the new adventure come monday morning 9.30.


Thursday, 7 June 2012

The jubilee was amazing! Have I felt prouder to be british?! No. proof, that come rain or shine we love a knee's up the british public came out in force for the jubilee celebrations.

Monday was the day of the jubilee concert, My mother and I had decided weeks ago that we would go up to london to soak the atmosphere, and I couldnt wait to jump on the train. minutes before we were leaving for the station my best friend text me and had managed to pursaude her boss to give her the day off, so she she could come too!!

we arrived in london around 12 o'clock lunch time and headed straight for the pub! It was Pimms o'clock! we had too! (I tell you, Pimms is a great hangover cure!) After Pimms we went to the National portrait gallery, where there was a exhibtion on all about our beautiful Queen. Surprise surprise I went mental in the gift shop and spent £10 on postcards :) I did mange though very proudly, to walk out of the gift shop without a silk print scarf of the Queen. It was £50 thats why!!! £20 and I would probably been able to convince myself to buy it. (Yes, I have since searched the web to see if I can find it cheaper - I cant) The rest of the afternoon was spent sipping wine in the Mall and ST James park waiting for the convert to start. The atmosphere was amazing, I'm so glad that we were there to witness this a part of history and to celebrate it with so many people.

In tribute style I wore my vintage SILVER jubilee scarf, and My 'I <3 ENGLAND' t-shirt. this is the day in pictures: 

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