Tuesday, 31 July 2012


The previous recession saw increases in lipstick sales sore. This recession it has been the turn of the nail varnish. I admit myslef have been diving into purchases for both when the feeling is low. Yesterday I had the exact feeling so I took it apon myself ANOTHER Kate Moss for rimmel lipstick.

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Rolling and Tumbling

I've been neglecting my Tumblr as of late, but I just find all the images so inspring it gets me hooked and I spend far to much time on it.

My Tumblr page is http://antoinette-vintage.tumblr.com/

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lotta love

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

It kills me to Curl

My hair is naturally straight as an arrow, straight as ruler and straight as david beckham. But of course I want curls. My hair hates curls with a passion, Last night I curled my hair for 2 hours!! which I had to re-do this morning, another hour. A ton of hairspray later and a walk to work my hard working curls had dropped.

I have tried everything but my hair just hates it. It makes me so angry you have no idea, SO PLEASE ANY TIPS FOR CURLING CRAZT STRAIGHT HAIR PLEASE GET IN TOUCH!!

PS. This is what I wore today

... and it burns

This was just going to be a quick post to show off this amazing bag I brought yesterday from TK Maxx for £19.99. But I have this thing that whenever it is coming up to payday and I have money left over in the bank I graze every shop in town, every website I can think off and spend what is left.

Why?! I don't need things, but oh my god they are beautiful! So yesterday with this habit in mind I stepped into TK Maxx and found this beauty :

Country life

So! the sun has finally arrived in old Britannia. To the rest of the world you maybe bored of reading this amoung the British blogs, but it has been raining non stop for 3 months so we are allowed to glote in this summer extravagansier!

After, music, fashion, art, literature, history, and CSI my next love is cars. Old classic cars especially, and even more I love mini's (I own one too! - orginal ones!) I share this love with my boyfriend too, he's recently spent XXXX's on his mazada mx5 and this weekend was the first weekend we could get the roof down. So as easy as that the decision was made and we spent the whole of Sunday driving around the country getting lost and staring at horses.

Thursday, 19 July 2012


I said it and here they are! from £11.95 available to buy from THE TIGHT SPOT.


50% of my wages go on clothes, the other 50% is magazines. I religiously buy Company, Elle and Vogue every month without fail. Occasionally I'll buy Look, more magazine and Instyle depending who's on the cover. But they get expensive when you buy to many, so I try to stick no more than 6 a month. Plus there is then the prospect of finding time to read them all, as well as catch up on blogs, reading books, tv, films and fitting a social life between all of that.

I thought I'll do a feature to show whats in the magazines this month, if it goes well I'll continue with it very month. Save you buying magazines you can just have a peek through them here :)

Both Elle and Vogue this month Come with 'runway edits'. These are great supplements magazines showing all the highlights of the latest fashion shows so you dont have to spend hours on style.com to find out whats going on. But also it is a great insider to see what you be seeing in the shops over the next A/W.

Thursday, 12 July 2012

All the riches baby, won't mean anything.

After the excitement of sales, the second most exciting thing is - the new collections! I posted earlier this week about the new River Island A/W collection (you can read it here!); and now I want to show you the new collection from high street queens NEW LOOK. And my first thought? This looks expensive!

A variety of mod oversized dogtooth jackets, leather skirts and dresses and enough tartan to decorate Holyrood Palace. Prices start from £22.99 and keep the New Look price tags; nothing is over priced or expensive which is great. Especially when they look this good! You'll look asif you have spent £100's.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

She went out like 40 watt light bulb.

River Island Picks!

River Island is definitely my favorite shop right now. I have spent 100 quid there is month alone! And i could easily spend another £500 without thinking. The best part is that right now they have the most amazing sale. Majority of pieces are 50% off! Like I said I got loads! you can see some of them HERE. the rest i am still waiting to arrive as I ordered them online, and now after searching online again for this post I wanna order a load more!

These are my top picks of the sale:

Sandals £15, purple aztec trousers £15, pink crop top £8, blue scarf print trousers £10, playsuit £20, handbag £18.

Monday, 9 July 2012


Now I have more time in the mornings (start work at half 9,its amazing what you can do with an extra half an hour in the morning!) im going to try and get more outfit posts in. Irritating though the self timer app i have on my phone loses all the quality from the photo so they come out pretty grainy. You wouldn't believe me if i told you i studied photography at college would you? Well I did. taking self portraits is probably the hardest thing. But anyways this is what I wore to work...... (think 90's garage



Well it has taken me all evening but I have finally placed a load of items for sale on EBAY! Oh my god it does my head in how long it takes! but never mind all worth it in the end i hope!

Please CLICK HERE!!!!!!!!!!!! To find my ebay items for sale. there is a good mixture of items and styles. many haven't been worn!
here's a few pictures of what is on offer.....

Thursday, 5 July 2012


So since I got back from the Isle of Greece - 2 days ago I have gone a semi splurge in sales. It was fun to come back and see that everywhere has gone sale mad and with huge discounts! many up to 50% off!

On route this morning I stopped in River Island and New Look and got these great peices:

Leopard print pencil skirt £, Blue scarf print trousers £10, polka dot crop vest £10, Pink leopard print dress £15, aztec belt £5 all river island. And leopard print palazzo trousers £6!

I'm so happy with these! I wanted them all when they were full price but just wasn't rich enough to buy them. Im still not! But as my dad said 'you only live once'. The palazzo trousers was an amazing find! before holiday I was searching high and low for them everywhere - couldnt find them! I was hoping to get an amazing pair oof wedge shoes from New Look but they didnt have my size :( GUTTED. they did before I went away, which so much I brought them then. Luckily we have TWO New Look stores in town so I will give the other store a try this weekend, otherwise Im gunna have to hope they are online.

While Away I brought this amazing leopard print jumpsuit - just €26!!! bargin! Cant wait to pair it with a denmin shirt tied up at the front. and some flatform sandles to dress it down.

I couldnt help myself and brought 2 books in Sainsburys (such bargins)! and New issue of ELLE, which comes with a 'runway edit' supplement and a free ST Tropez tinted moisturizer.  While away it was my mother's birthday, one of her friends brought her some badges as a 'joke' present and my mom has given them to me. I love there quotes and will definitely feature in some outfit posts soon.


Though I cant afford to shop and have spent loads of money this week, it hasnt stopped me from searching every high street shop website to see whats new in. My shopping list is huge! why am I not a millionaress yet?


So I am back from Greece! legs are brown, and still a little bit sun burnt, I have ridiculous tan lines, my hair dye has faded and I more tired than ever. But I had an amazing time! We had a proper girls holiday, lots of gossip, dressing up, sharing make up/clothes, constantly laughing, sunbathing and a good dose of people watching.

Here are a couple of photo's I won't bore you with to much :)

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