Wednesday, 10 September 2014


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Urgh. I've caught the Jeffery Cambell bug again. It's like a cold that won't leave you alone until you've spent £30 on lemsip, tissues and streplis, then mercraciously disappears as quick as it arrived.

I was snooping on the Nasty Gal last week and found these (top left & right) JC Play platform trainers. I would probably buy the dark green out of the 2, but I just love that mustard tan colour for shoes. From there I began to see what else was available, and picked out these other amazing shoes.

To me Jeffery Cambell went a little dull after the Lita's phenomenon. Everyone was doing their own version of the Lita's and like a cold everyone had them. I got bored, but it good to see they are still owning it :)

Have you got a favourite pair of JC's?

Lotta Love

Tuesday, 9 September 2014


#GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso

This book has been on my radar since its release. But I finally brought it last week whilst in London with work. To poor for some retail therapy, I decided to treat myself to a book instead (far more cost effective). I was so hooked within the first few sentences; I read 70% of it just on the train ride home. 

The book is about the inspiring Sophia Amoruso CEO of fashion brand and boutique Nasty Gal, who in 7 years built her business from selling vintage clothing on ebay, to a $100 million business that employee 350 staff. Her story is truly inspiring, and as someone who has always thought of starting their own business to me Sophia proves that if you put your all into a business, it is 'simple' (I use that term loosely) to make it a success. Of course it isn't literary 'that simple' but it is a lot simpler to start than you may have first thought. All you need is passion, sweat and a good idea.

The book is really easy to read and filled with great inspirational quotes. I won't go into much detail about her story, as I don't want to spoil it, but this book is perfect for anyone that needs a bit of inspiration and a kick up the arse to do something.

 I have picked out some of the inspiring quotes that I wanted to share with you. They are simple life statements, but really have touched a nerve with where I am at the moment with life:

"Be better and be different"

"There are secret opportunities hidden inside every failure"

Money looks better in the bank than on your feet"

"Create your own magic"

"Treat your mind like money - don't waste it"

No one is lucky, they create it themselves"

"Life isn't about finding yourself, it's about creating yourself"

"Working in fashion isn't an extended trip to the mall"

"#GIRLBOSS gets what she wants because she works for it"

Are you a #GIRLBOSS? Watch this space.

Hanna <<3xx p="">


20% off River Island? Yes please!
for every reader of ELLE UK magazine this month there is a 20% off River Island discount voucher! There was a snippet of info on this offer in last month's issue, and I have been eagerly looking at the River Island website and app almost daily (I'm that sad!) picking out bits that I would buy with my discount card. 

Now I have it though I can't decide! Do I get my favourite pieces now or wait a few weeks for more of the collection to come in? hmmm ...

These are my picks at the moment. Really really want the faux fur coat (this will replace my well loved 12 year leopard print faux fur coat that's full of ciggerette burns, falling apart at the seems and stinks of stale beer). Also really want the dogtooth shorts, they are smart enough to wear to work, and really really want the red leopard print jumper - I don't own a red leopard jumper and now I have seen this, I feel like i need one to match my red leopard print jeans, silk trousers, scarf and socks.

Can you help me decide what I need?

Hanna <3 p="">

Monday, 8 September 2014

Fuck my pumps

Just a quick post before I go meet my friends for a drink. Feeling very blah today so its definitely jeans an baggy jumper kinda day, but my shoes sure cheer me up. Has there ever been a more appropriate song lyric blog title.

I brought these from YRU, they cost me a dime in shipping and customs but they are soo worth it. I am also wearing a funnel neck over sized jumper from Zara and an old pair of Topshop Leigh jeans that have ripped at the knee.

You may be aware that I moved in with my boyfriend in July, which is great fun but the flat is completely inappropriate for blogging. There are trees outside every window, so it's really differcult to take photos because the lighting is rubbish. The flat is also tiny, so there are no good spots to take full length OOTD photo's, even when the light is good. This (plus a manic word schedule) is partly why I have fallen out of the blogging-sphere over the last month. So please bare with whilst I experiment with my photography on here, expect lots of shameless mirror selfies amongst other things.

better dash!

Lotta love

Hanna <3 p="">

Saturday, 9 August 2014

What to wear: at the races

This post comes because next Saturday I will be attending the Ladies Race Day in my home town Newbury. So, of course with just a week to go, the big question 'What do I wear?' has come to mind. 

Newbury races is a funny one. It is a lot more casual than what you see and hear about Ascot, you can count the number of hats and fascinators you'll see on one hand. There are no rules on skirt lengths and dress straps. What people tend to wear is simular to a night out or a wedding - a standard dress and heels kinda thing.

I am unfortunately to poor to buy anything new for this occasion, but here are a few dresses I have put together for your inspiration.

This post has made me really excited now. Unlike normal race events, Newbury races have a tradition of ending the day's event with a music concert. The year before last, I took my little sister to see Jessie J, my boyfriend, brother and his girl friend saw Rita Ora last year and this Saturday its a night of music with Pete Tong and Annie Mac from Radio 1.

Watch this space to see my post of the day it's self and what I wore.

Lotta Love
Hanna xx

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