Friday, 31 August 2012

new website - LOOKSOUP.COM

At the beginning of the week I was approached by Eva from LOOKSOUP.COM inviting me to take a look at a new website for fashion lovers and influences. Like Pinterest it's all about building your own collections of all your favourite things. Currently I have 7 collections - my blog antionettevintage (which is just a collection of photos form my blog); inspiration (self explained), hair i'm killing for (pretty obvious again!) favoutite looks, because it's cool (just photo's a like), wishlist and work (photo's from work as assistant buyer/boutique manager).

this is what 'my blog' collection looks like so far.

But like facebook, twitter you get to like other people's post and collections, comment on them, add them to your own collections, and you can follow people!

You can also add any images from the web to your collections. When you sign up there is an 'add on' to download that adds a 'COLLECT' button to your internet broswer toolbar, so whenever you see something on the world wide web you want to add to your collections, to just click 'COLLECT'
here's an example of me collecting a picture of GAGA for my inspiration collection -

So i've seen a picture of gaga that i want to add, I click on the image to get a closer look, and then hit 'collect' thats on my toolbar.
the screen then changes and you click 'collect' again that appears across the image, just to be sure your collecting the right image, or if you clicked on it by mistake.
then click it again, a pop up box appears so you can add any text, and choose which collection you want to add it too.

And ta daaa! just like that it's there for all to see!

Whenever you add something from the web, it appears on the home page for all to see. Others can then 'like'  it, comment on it, and if they want collect it for one of their collections. you can also share anything to facebook and twitter.

You can also upload 'looks' to the site, photo's of yourself much like LookBook. I'haven't done this yet, but this a screen shot of what it looks like when you hit the 'LOOKS' tab on the website.

Overall though, it's a really fun site that is slowly coming addictive. Like i said before, it combines all the things you love from other sites and puts them in one place!

So the site is and my page is antoinettevintage so go and check out and follow me if you like it!

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

So i want YOUR views on it stands

I just wanted to write a post to say whats going on. I've decided to give myself a kick up the arse and work hard on this blog. I want it to go somewhere and be something,  I'm planning loads of future posts that I can't wait to do. Also I have a few more ideas for some more fashion challenges. If you haven't seen it before I have done 2 previous challenges, 1 to not wear black for 30 days; and the other was to wear something leopard print everyday for 30 days! They are so much! you can see a summary of them here. Some more personal pieces OOTD's, hauls, personal life etc, aswell as fashion news, inspirations and everything else that interests me. What kind of things do you prefer to read?

also on my mind are VLOGS? i've been watching loads recently and it's getting me inspired to do my own! what do you think of vlogs? would you watch me talk for 10 mins? I might have to take some etiquette lessons before I start! haha!

As well is facebook? is it worth creating a facebook page for your blog? Obviously I have a personal account, and I've noticed that a lot of people create FB pages for their blogs, but is it worth it?

I've been trying to discover myself again lately. I was tied up in a office job for 4 years that has had an effect on me, and I hate it. Dressing everyday in 'officewear' when smart wear isn't your style is hard (well i found so) and to and extent I have lost my personal style. Though, since i started my new job 2 months, I get to wear what ever I want (to an extent!) which is helping me find my roots again. I was also a passionate writer and artist. All things I have slowly drifted from since full time work. Im setting myself goals to draw and write everyday, i miss the creative passion and I don't want to lose it forever. Maybe this is something I'll post about daily too. maybe not here, but via twitter or istagram taking photo's of my work. Have you ever lost yourself? how did you find it again? strangely I have found inspiration right in my bedroom. just looking at things through a camera lense gives them a new light.

morning routine
  cute cats!
 brainstorming for blog

 my room - due a clear out

 magazine stack
to many shoes? future fashion challenge ideas
  more under my bed!
  corner of my room, films and cd's
stack of earings!

So I have just spent the last 2 hours re-designing my blog! Please tell me what you think! I know it doesn't quite fit in on the screen - Im not sure why this is! And I Know my title is HUGE but i can't work out how to make it smaller and keep the alignment in the middle. plus i've got a bit bored of resizing/altering things for the last hour. ANY SUGGESTIONS PLEASE LET ME KNOW!

Also I want to make a blog button for my page. i have the button but im not sure how to put it on my page for you guys to copy (if you want too) and put it on your page. - Help please!

And lastly, I have neglected my MUSIC BLOG recently, that I want to revive. Check it out now I have revamped the layout/look, and new posts will be made soon!!

SO BASICALLY IN SUMMARY - IM REACHING OUT TO YOU READERS! any contributions/ ideas/ feedback/ questions etc I love reading comments from you guys and would to receive some on any of the above mentions!

lotta love!

GIVEAWAY! Win £250 worth of prizes!

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

FILM-SPIRATION: Factory girl

When stuck on what to wear, and I'm getting ready to go out. A meal with the boyfriend, drinks with friends etc, I don't race through pages of magazines, swat pages and pages on tumblr blogs, or ring my friends to ask what they are wearing - I watch a film.

Watching a film is so much better for inspiration than a magazine, If you like one particular characters style you get to see them dressed in so many ways, in different outfits, different times of the day, different occasions etc - a million more times than a magazine!

one of my favourite style inspiration films is - Factory Girl.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

SHOPPING IS MY LIVING! Pure London 2012 visit

 Pure London is the UK's leading fashion buying event, and this Sunday I went to the amazing Pure London show for work. So for one day only I was shopping for a living!! yep me a fashion buying assistant! and yes it was even more fun than you could imagine!

I left my safe, secure, job for life, work behind 2 months. And it was the best decision I have ever made; within 2 months I am now assisting buying clothes for the shop, aswell as pretty much running the shop day to day's business, fronting campaigns and promotions. Working 6 days a week, being paid to play/ try on and sell clothes all day, as well as blogging and facebook, and everything else that it takes to run a successful business (CLICK HERE to see previous post about the shop where I am working)

So pure london is basic terms is a huge market place, where buyers/ shop owners, go to buy stock for there shops, boutique's, emporium's etc. Lots of designers, and a lot of designers representing themselves too! Which means I got to meet some and spy on some too! The biggest name I met was Olivia Rubin. She is an amazing print designer that has previously worked with Alexander McQueen and John Galliano. she also lauched a range with Dorothy Perkins, she was lovely and we did buy a few pieces! The biggest name I saw was Kat Von Dee, she has the most amazing hair. If I was shopping for myself I would have gone over and introduced myself, but I was working!

90% off the stalls were selling S/S 2013 - I know what your going to be shopping next year :) my tip? Brights the 90's rivial is still rolling through to next year but it going to be brighter and bold, more 90's rapstar and 90's grunge. Lots of crop tops still, peplum skirts/ tops and studded shoes. Also statement jewellery is must, but not even statement as in big, small but eye catching is  just as effective.

The Cliental for my work is the older women, 'yummy mummies' we call it. So I didnt look at much of the stands for my own personal taste but it was still so much fun! I did manage to get myself a few pieces though! #perks)

As well as stalls there were also catwalk shows and professional talks about the industry, jobs, recession etc.

Has anyone been to Pure? What did you think? Fashion buyer is definitely the life for me!

Thursday, 16 August 2012


It's finally arrived! the Aygness Deyn collaboration for Dr Marten is available online and in selected stores. I blogged about the new collab a couple weeks ago (see it here) Dr Martens had released a short promo film featuring Aygness and some of the pieces which I just wanted to grungely shuffle into.

Surprisinly some of the pieces are affordable, but others are like WTF!!! (£30 for a pair of white leggings??!) but I've definately got my  eye on some pieces and will being buying the black daisy print tee as pictured above next payday (its £35 - completely reasonable) but the shoes and bags will have to wait for lottery day.

Here's my picks of the collection:

L-R fannel jumpsuit £125, green leather satchel £140, white leggings £30, daisy print t-shirt £35, black creepers £150, black maxi £55, yellow daisy dress £100, bomber jacket £180, boots £140.

So what do you think? any pieces you are itching for? what do you think of the prices?

and for old times sake, here's the video again.

Saturday, 11 August 2012

SPOTTED: 3 Shops 1 Jacket

Ok there is obviously a different between these 3 coats, but they are pretty much the same. Which would buy? the is Topshop coat really worth £20 more than the New Look one?


NEW LOOK £44.99

Friday, 10 August 2012

Love in 90's

it has taken me  few days to write this but monday night, another dream came true when my best girl and I went to Wolverhampton and saw BLUR!

Yes Blur london brit pop band that are celebrating their 21 years of being together.

Sunday, 5 August 2012

HOW TO WEAR - Pink leopard print dress - 15 DIFFERENT OUTFITS!

STYLING REQUEST: a couple of days ago i was asked how I would style a leopard print from River Island that i had brought and posted about HERE. So here it is! I may have gone a bit overboard with the amount of outfits but I wanted to get my point across. However in these photo's please note:

1. Do not take any notice of my hair, it badly needs a wash/ styling but i just couldn't bothered. These styling post is simply about the clothes, and not hair and make up to match.

2. which brings me to point 2, ignore my face also :)

HOW TO STYLE: Pink Leopard print from River Island

Friday, 3 August 2012

Got a problem?

there such thing as a shopping rehab?  if so i think i might need to go.
what was going to start as a post for 2 new items on wednesday, I have now up-ed it to 14!! And thats not even it! I also squeezed in some internet buys that haven't arrived yet! 

I've felt really inspired this week, and instead of lashing out my creativity on a canvas, which I used to do, I now splash it all over my wallet and wardrobe. DUMB is the word you are looking for!

I will probably be taking some of these back, as I cant really afford it all and Im sure my boyfriend would quite like a birthday present this month instead of seeing me in a new pair of shoes.

But regardless I'll talk you through what I have brought! Today I went for a detour in the new shopping centre on the way to and FROM work (seriously what is wrong with me!) This morning In New Look i brought these bright red espadrille's; I didn't want a pair at all but then saw a girl yesterday wearing a red pair like this and i was like 'I want those!' so had to have them. Also from New Look were these absolutely amazing blue wedges!!!! Aren't they just amazing! I wanted them in black months ago, but being good I was waiting till payday arrived, it did finally and they rang out of my size! even online too (i checked) so I took it as a sign, that it just wasn't meant to be. And I sign it was because they now come in this amazing electric blue!

Everywhere is having a HUGE HUGE sale right now, and I also brought from New Look in the sale this lime green vest for just £2 and oversized crop lace jumper for £6. the jumper is actually size 16, but I always try different sizes on when buying because sometimes over sizes just look better. This jumper is now a great slouchy oversized look. Also I could help myself and brought this camoflage tank top for £9.99.

TOPSHOP. my 'walking home' spree, I found these shorts for just £10 in the sale, but Im not convinced on the colour now they are home and will probably take them back.I also picked some cool jewellery in the sale for 1/2 price. Lastly in top shop I brought 2 crop vest in olive green and petrol grey. Something else i've had my eye on for a while and they were on other 2 for £10. BARGIN.

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Keep the faith

it was released as news a couple of weeks ago that model Agyness Deyn has collaborated with British brand Dr Martens and created a range of clothes and shoes.

I've tried to find images for the collection, but can't find anything for definite that features in this new range. Today Dr Martens have released this short film promoting the launch that releases on the 15th August. I could watch this short video for days, I love the imagery and style its so nostalgic to me. The clothing featured is very 90's grunge with neon brights and 60's fur coats, I assume these are the new clothes that will be launched but not sure for certain.

watch this space I will bring news and shots as soon as I here of them! Bring on the 15th!

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

If it's good enough for you....

Since was 6 years old and on holiday with my blonde hair cousin I've dreamt of being blonde. We were playing with hair mascara (remember those!) and i vividly remember being sick with jelously because it showed up in her hair but not my own.

I've attempted blonde over the years. But failed mesribly my hair being so dark it goes a tangerine orange before it reaches any shimmer of blonde. 'why dont you try going the hairdressers?' I here you cry! well i have on many occasions and everywhere refuses to do it because my hair is just so dark.

My new plan was to grow out my hair and then join the dip dye trend and gradually, professionally go blonde. But this morning while walking to work i've thought fuck it! lets just attempt it again! I've got a bottle of bleach at home that is dying to be used so what damage is more attempt gunna do!

My hair is thick as thieves too so im gunna need more bleach, and I might buy some ordinary blonde die too, to get a responsible colour if all goes horribly wrong.

- ANOTHER issue with going blonde is I have olive skin. What blonde colour suits olive skin?

these are my hair inspriation shots. IF YOU HAVE ANY ADVICE PLEASE HAND IT OVER! :D

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