Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Kelly Brook for New Look - CLOTHES!!

Model and presenter Kelly Brook has been working with new look for a few years now, producing ranges  of 50's swimwear and vintage inspired underwear. I own a couple of the bikini's and swinsuits, so always get excited at the news of new range launching; and this week Kelly has launched clothing!

Kelly is well known for her amazing curvy figure, and the 50's tea dress she wears to flaunt it to it's best. So it is obvious that like her personal style and previous underwear/swimwear ranges her clothes are going to mirror the same modern twist on her 50's glamour look.

These are my favorite pieces from the range:

Being New Look prices are very affordable!! prices range from £14.99 for a top to £39.99 for a dress. I love the poppy orange print! I also am itching to buy the polka dot trouses, skirt and bustier! hahaha! ok just give it to me all!!

All available to buy now online! CLICK HERE!!!


It has come to my realization, that the reason I take so long to decide what to wear each day; is because I have NO tops. 

Obviously I do have a few tops, but all of my tops are t-shirts - band shirts, slogan tee's, plain t-shirts etc. but that is it. When shopping I always buy dresses, skirts and trousers, but NEVER tops. This is why I am USELESS at deciding what to wear - because I have nothing to wear (with my trousers/ skirts/ leggings/etc)!

So, now I have made this recent discovery, in the last week my fingers, eye's and Cath kidston purse have been glued to my laptop and world of internet shopping. I've made rules to myself that from now on I am only allowed to buy tops, unless it is a dress/skirt/trousers that I really really can not live without. And also when buying a top, I must think about what multiple things I can wear with it.

Of course a few things have slipped through the net, but this is what I brought in the last week from surfing the net....

Black crop vest, aztek printed leggings, leopard print crop bustier - all river Island. Black long sleeve bardot top - ASOS.

Neon pink dress, grey dress - H&M floral bardot top, white bardot top, white bardot dress - Miss Selfridge Neon pink top, earings, belt - H&M

I also ordered another blouse from Dorothy Perkins today, I had too, they had 20% today only. (though the postage fee, pretty much added it back on) But I'm stuggling still! these tops I've new brought are great, but I need more :) hahaha! I still dont have tops to match so many more of clothes! The reason I've not brought tops before is because I'm really fussy about them so struggle to find something I like.

I have now too fallen for a pair for peg leg leopard print trousers in my mom's catalogue. Just £35 issue is though they are Neon and..... I have nothing to wear with them :) hahahaa! So more shopping again!! I need a wardrobe just for tops!

Do you have any wardrobe issues like me? Have any rules on shopping? I wanna hear about your shopping tales too!! 

Also, know anywhere to buy nice tops from?? 

Hanna X

Tuesday, 29 May 2012


Red, white and blue fever has hit the streets, shops, imaginations and media like an old fashioned april shower. The Queen's diamond Jubilee is days away and I am more excited then ever! There is so much going this weekend, i can't wait for week to be over and celebrate! My grandparents live in Malta (which is still ruled by Britain) and posted this photo on their facebook yesterday (yes my grandparents have facebook :D) from their roof terrace:

Malta is such an amazing country, im planning a runaway trip this September. But they aren't the only ones to catch onto the 'british' fever thats taking over. After my granddad posted the photo on FB, we decided to hang our own bunting in our back garden to get to the spirit!

Ignore all the trash in the garden! we had been gardening and had yet to tidy up before i took the photo :) You my remember by birthday post, where i admitted my inner royalist and history obbession. It was all fed thanks to my family and friends that brought me a small collection of royal goodies (including Prince William and Princess Katherine barbie dolls!!!) you can read it again here. 

But this summer it is the high street's version of patriotic that's feeling me with excitement. Next are exclusively selling Olympic scarfs,as well as Team GB memorabilia. Everywhere has taken it apon themselves to be selling union jack, bikini's and swimwear; and every cake across the country is iced red, white and blue.

These are my picks of the high streets 'BRITISH' clothing (all are available online):





This is just a selection that i have chosen. But visit any of your favorite sites and search 'flag' 'jack flag' 'union' you will get a good list of everything they have on offer.

How are you celebrating the Queen's jubilee? Sunday i will be at the 'party in the park' at my local park, which is huge festival with loads going on, music, stalls, games, and a huge skate competion. Monday i'll be london!! there is an The Queen and Art exhibition at the national portrait gallery which i will give a good look around, plus all the great parks in london are having big screens showing live coverage of the Jubilee concert, thats being held Monday evening. if you in london and see me come say hi!

sweet dreams!

Monday, 21 May 2012

Torr fashion boutique give away!!!

Now i mentioned in a previous post that i have an amazing new job working at a beautiful boutique in my local town named Torr. And....


Win £50 Voucher!

To help raise our profile on facebook, Torr fashion boutique is giving away £50 Voucher to spend in the boutique.

To qualify for the draw, Simple click the ‘LIKE’ button on our page and you are in with a shout of winning a £50 voucher.

The deadline for closing is Saturday the 23rd June and so don’t delay ☺

The winner will be chosen randomly from all the likes as of 5pm, Saturday the 23rd June and will be announced immediately.

the facebook link is HERE!!

If you already like our facebook page, then all you need to do is simply share our page to all your friends, drop us a message so we know you have shared us, and you will be entered into the draw!!!


purple rain

excuse the pun! but i just couldn't wait to share the photo's of Katy Perry at this year's billboard awards flaunting a head of beautiful purple locks.

She compliments her hair with a pale lilac gown and tinted lips with a hint of warm purple. And was also accompanied by her sweet grandmother at the ceremony. She didn't win any awards this year, but took center stage when introducing and performing her new single 'wide awake'.

Of course this isn't the first time we have seen Katy Perry with purple hair. she Has been wearing the look for a while now, and has had it before.

And some more purple hair celebrity inspiration:

have you dared to go purple? what shade would you go?

Monday, 14 May 2012

birthday girl!

2 saturday's ago it was my birthday! I have reached the mighty age of 23, and I always drag my birthday out for as long as possible. Because my birthday is (note) the 5th May it always falls within the bank holiday week. I make it last all three and this year was no different, I also dragged it out to this weekend and went out with my friends to celebrate. There are no photo's though because my camera decided i wanted to take photos that were too dark or too light. So they have all been emptied into the delete bin.

As you may be aware I am British history obsessed; and amazingly, a theme run through a lot my presents. To coincide with the jubilee I had my very own royalist party, and received all these goodies:

Yes that is a Prince William and Princess Kate barbie doll!! I know its amazing! I especially love my Henry VIII teapot too, which is a hand-me-down from my grandparents.

Friends from presents are nest though, I got a Emma Bridgewater tin full of goodies from my friend hayley. A cameo and a copy of 'one flew over the cuckoo's nest' from Meg and my girl Trin managed to track down and buy me a pair of h&m shoes that I have been completely obsessing over and trying to find since I saw them 3 weeks ago in Reading and they didnt have my size. I spent the whole of sunday walking around the house, hungover, in my pajama's and wearing these shoes!

Thursday, 10 May 2012

New month, new job, new me!!

Hello Readers!

You may or may not have noticed my absence in recent weeks. And i blame it all on the stress of getting a new Job!

A new job i am so excited about! Say good bye accountant and hello fashion boutique manageress! Yes sounds exciting doesn't it! I am so excited! From Saturday i will be working in a local independent boutique called Torr, and it looks this:

Part of new job too, will be blogging. Yep paid to blog! could this be the perfect job???! possibly just maybe....

I will post more photo's and info soon, but in the meantime this is the website : TORR FASHION and this is our facebook page

adios amigo!!
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