Thursday, 15 December 2011

hello sailor!

Versace previews fun and fruity H&M Cruise 2012 collection

Versace has unveiled its final collection for high street giant H&M, with kitsch fruit prints and bold colours.

It feesl far too soon to be looking at a summer collection, and I get shivers down my spine just looking at it! The tropical pattern graces the collection's bikinis, shorts, cardigans, belts, bags and shoes, as well as a range of loungewear which encompasses a silk negligee and dressing gown.

This summery vibe is carried through onto the jewellery, which features delicate butterflies, flowers and even a palm tree. The label's trademark Greek Key design also makes an appearance as a charm.

The new line launches January 19th, when it will become available on H&M's website. This is the second and last range of designs Versace has put together for the Swedish retailer.

skin deep

Male model Andrej Pejic models a push-up bra

I don’t know what to make of this? Is it a complete insult to women or a great achievement for transvestites? Pejic, 20, models for; the Dutch brand Hema. He wears the "mega push-up" bra, which guarantees "2 cups extra". He wears the underwear under a dress, I assume to hide the ribbed stomach, complete flat chested and chicken fillet filled bra. Of course it completely normal for some girls to be flat chested and even I have reached to bottom of my underwear drawer and worn padding in my bra.

I really can’t decide what my feelings are towards this. Why big question though is why did Hema chose to use a male model? using a male model to advertise bra’s? maybe it’s a marketing trick to show how ever flat chested you are this bra will perk you up (sorry for the pun!). or maybe just maybe, it’s a publicity stunt to get us talking about the brand and turn the unheard name Hema into a household one.

Thursday, 8 December 2011

top of the shops

Please excuse my lack of photo post recently. I know im supposed to be doing a look book diary but without a camera (mine decided in its own head not took take photos anymore) but you will have to take my word for it that I am keeping it up. ‘Everyday I’m leopard print’ (sing like LAMFO) as soon as my camera is working again/been replaced/I have a new one. I will take photos of all the items I have been wearing.

Today I did something dangerous. It’s 2 weeks till Christmas, I have done no Christmas shopping and I don’t get paid till the 20th December. I took 5 minutes of my working day and had a nose at TOPSHOP ‘new in’ items – as per normal my heart has fallen deep in to my stomach as I have fallen for almost everything and am extremely tempted to ignore Christmas blame the recession not buy anyone presents and stock up my own wardrobe.

Here is what they have to offer:

Tan harness belt £40.00; Wallpaper Dress £65.00; Dip Dye Jumper £65.00; Orange Peter Pan Collar Dress £70.00; Pink Peter Pan Collar Dress £46.00 Day Bag £25.00 ‘city of Angels’ tee £22.00; Pink Silk Cami £26.00

I fell in love with this colour scheme last winter. Chole brang her sexy back at fashion week last autumn and these colours were everywhere. I even rearranged my wardrobe to have these colours next to each other and inspire me and it’s a colour scheme ive loved ever since.

Leopard print peace top £20.00; peace bra top £12.00; black platform shoes £65.00; Fur Coat £110.00; Teen Angst Crop top £22.00; Leopard Body £38.00; ‘Sin City’ Tee £22.00

Ok where to start. The teen angst top is a absolute fucking must! So is the peace bra top. I would layer it on top of another top/dress to show the world. I also really like the leopard print peace top; though I don’t like the length I would cut it to a crop top and maybe cut under the arms to, to show a bit of flesh, and a top underneath. £20 seems bit much to me to spend on a top im just going to cut up. So I might for this to go in the sale. Oh and if you don’t like the leopard print colours, it also comes in grey.

Tomorrow is our work Christmas due. Ive never quite understood the fascination with buying a new dress, the stress of getting ready. Everyone see you every day, they know what you look like. Wearing a £60 Lipsy dress is going to change their opinion. Thats why I am wearing a 3 year old black high waisted skirt and a size 24 (im size 12) leopard blouse that I brought in a charity shop for £4.50 2 weeks ago. Belle of the ball? Who gives a toss? Not as if it’s royal wedding or anything.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Like a leopard would

i took some time out from my lunch break today and had a stroll down thatcham high street. Thatcham is the town next to mine. it's tiny, rough, full of oap and chav's. it consists of 2 co-op's a post office with a small que (which is why i was there) indian takeway, amry surplers and 6 charity shops. it was when i was walking past one charity shop i spotted this oversize leopard print shirt.

 A bargin at £4.50!! considering in m ebay i was watching a shirt pretty much the same for £20. it had some nasty shoulder pads which needed removing; but i am tres pleased with my lunch time buy.

this isn't the only leopard print purchase i've made this week!! hahahah! ok i confess i am a leopard print whore!! yesterday i brought a leopard bodycon skirt from New look. £12.99 lil expensive for me, but it will certainly get it's wear from it. (i would upload a photo to show but my camera has decided that it will not work past 9.30)

these talks of leopard print and my obesstion has inspired me for my next 'fashion challenge' first it was ban of black for lent, then to wear a different pair of shoes everyday. Now challenge no.3 is - leopard print. i have so much leopard print in my wardrobe that i am going to wear it everyday for a month. photo diary will appear i promise.

now for some inspiration:

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Grrrl time

Just preparing my self for a quick dash around the shops with my girl Hayley.

1. Count funds in purse
2. Pratical shoes? Check!
3. Socks in case I try I shoes? Check!
4.change for the car park? Check
5. Updated self on what stock in the shops? That's what dull in the office lunch times are for!
6. Bottle of water - could get thirsty
7. Lip balm, air con is a killer
8. Face ok? Might bump into Heath ledger. Check!

Think im ready, now I just need the girl!

Tuesday, 15 November 2011


Got a girl crush on a river island dress compan mag?

to be honest i do not blame you! i wish i had an occassion to buy it?! or shall i just get it as a 'just in case' dress?

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