Tuesday, 30 October 2012

DIY!: Turn your tights into a top!

I had to take a pose of my cute new top with my cute new kitten! I watched today a video on youtube posted by ItsmyRayeRaye and have been completely obsessed since! Ive spent my eveing cuttin up various tights and im completely hooked. Here's the video posted on youtube by ItsMyRayeRaye.

So I practiced with a couple of plain black tights as seen in the video, but I couldnt wait to start cutting up my patterned and knitted tights to get the same effect! I brought some many patterned tights over the years that just haven't been worn; so im giving them a new sense of well being and loving with this DIY technique.

I haven't created my own 'how to' for this because its sooo simple if you just watch this video, and I dont want to take credit for someone elses ideas, but have a look at my new tops!


It's the week of halloween! which only means one thing! - Party and get dressed up! This year me and my best girl hayley went to a halloween party as the pink ladies! I was sandy and she was frenchie! It was so much fun. I really think the getting ready and dressed up is part of the fun in evening, especially when it means zombie make up.

Thursday, 25 October 2012


H&M Divided Grey - See more at hm.com

Sorry but I am just way to fucking excited for the new collection at H&M which launches 1st November.

H&M Divided Grey - See more at hm.com

H&M Divided Grey - See more at hm.com

H&M Divided Grey - See more at hm.com

H&M Divided Grey - See more at hm.com

H&M Divided Grey - See more at hm.com

H&M Divided Grey - See more at hm.com

Aren't you!!!
the clothes look amazing and the are cheap too!! Dresses for £14.99, cardigans/jumpers for £19.99 and boots for £29.99.  I am so excited you have no idea! hahaha CLICK HERE for a link to H&M to see more info and prices!

Monday, 22 October 2012


I am taking photo's daily of my outfits to post, but it an almost impossible task. It is impossible for me to get a head to toe shot with good lighting and me not slouching/bent over to fit in the frame. I was meeting up with my best friends saturday night and wanted to show you guys what I was wearing. And this is the best shot I got! haha on the floor like a tramp - suits me perfect!

A/W Inspiration

It's time for layering up, drinking coco and wearing a darker shade of lipstick. It's my favourite time of year and im starting to get inspired  I've chosen these images and inspiration for the next few months, a lot are film stills but to me they are the best place for style-spiration.

Thursday, 18 October 2012

the fair is in town!

It's finally the countdown to Autumn (my favourite season) and the one thing that always signifies this to me is the local fair. It's been going for years and years the same week in October and last night my inner child came out I was straight there!

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

My first VLOG! Autumn hual :)

So I did it :) made my first VLOG. its been something I've been thinking of doing for a while and this just seemed like the perfect oppitunity.

Being my first vlog, I am new to the video scene so please bare with. Im am also nakered and bloody freezing as the heating has broken in my house :(

I really appriciate any comments good and bad, your thoughts etc I will read and reply to them all.

Sweet dreams!

VOTES PLEASE. October hual VLOG or photo's?????????????/

So I was thinking of turning my recent haul into a VLOG. What do you think? Do you prefer looking a photo's of clothes on my varnished floor or would rather see more detail and receive more infomation?

Are VLOG's the way forward or do you just not have the patience to sit and watch a VLOG?

Please let me know want you like to see, an  help me on my next adventure.
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