Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Like a leopard would

i took some time out from my lunch break today and had a stroll down thatcham high street. Thatcham is the town next to mine. it's tiny, rough, full of oap and chav's. it consists of 2 co-op's a post office with a small que (which is why i was there) indian takeway, amry surplers and 6 charity shops. it was when i was walking past one charity shop i spotted this oversize leopard print shirt.

 A bargin at £4.50!! considering in m ebay i was watching a shirt pretty much the same for £20. it had some nasty shoulder pads which needed removing; but i am tres pleased with my lunch time buy.

this isn't the only leopard print purchase i've made this week!! hahahah! ok i confess i am a leopard print whore!! yesterday i brought a leopard bodycon skirt from New look. £12.99 lil expensive for me, but it will certainly get it's wear from it. (i would upload a photo to show but my camera has decided that it will not work past 9.30)

these talks of leopard print and my obesstion has inspired me for my next 'fashion challenge' first it was ban of black for lent, then to wear a different pair of shoes everyday. Now challenge no.3 is - leopard print. i have so much leopard print in my wardrobe that i am going to wear it everyday for a month. photo diary will appear i promise.

now for some inspiration:

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Grrrl time

Just preparing my self for a quick dash around the shops with my girl Hayley.

1. Count funds in purse
2. Pratical shoes? Check!
3. Socks in case I try I shoes? Check!
4.change for the car park? Check
5. Updated self on what stock in the shops? That's what dull in the office lunch times are for!
6. Bottle of water - could get thirsty
7. Lip balm, air con is a killer
8. Face ok? Might bump into Heath ledger. Check!

Think im ready, now I just need the girl!

Tuesday, 15 November 2011


Got a girl crush on a river island dress compan mag?

to be honest i do not blame you! i wish i had an occassion to buy it?! or shall i just get it as a 'just in case' dress?

Kick Ass

it's November, and if your like me working in an air conditioned office. the Winter chill has come sooner than expected. so it while day dreaming at the dull gery sky i have been dreaming of boots. My Doc Martens are getting lonely and they need some sweet company in my stuffy wardrobe. so i've picked through the high street and these i believe are boots to kick some snow man butts! (note: they aren't all pratical do this; kick buts at your own risk)

H&M :

 Suede boots £19.99 Brown Leather boots £29.99 Red Leather Detachable boots £69.99


Blue Leather £38.00 Knee High Sock boots £75.00 Black Studded boots £75.00 Tan Leather boots £80.00 Black with Fur trim heeled boots £50.00 Red Suede boots £38.00


Red leather heeled boots £120.00 Brown Leather Wedge boots £120.00 Red Leather tie up heeled boots £100.00 Calf Length Black Buckle boots £195.00 Snake Sking boots £75.00 Red Buckle boots £68.00 Brown Buckle Suede boots £38.00

Many of the boots pictured are avalible in alterturnitve colours. See shop's website for options and more infomation.

Now the boots i think i have choosen to buy this winter :

from Schuh own brand Schuh £55.00. Now i just have to wait until payday  - 10 days!

happy winter <3

Thursday, 10 November 2011

as from tomorrow i will be offically on my way, travelling to York. not only am i visitng my grunge sister michelle that i haven't seen in over a year but i will also be taking part in a photoshoot. yes me a model! who would've thought! i hope she realise's im no size 8 just an awkward size 12 :)

it will be bliss, so until i get back.....do it like a dude.


Tuesday, 8 November 2011

more siouxsie sioux inspiration

Siouxsie and the banshees - hong kong garden



Being a style blog it’s only fair that we study indiviual style, anaylsis it, like it and then share with the world. because of this i’m going to twice a month share the style of an individual with you, their history, achievements, admirations, photo’s, video’s, art and me taking influence from them on my own personal style.

the whole idea of this is inspire you and who knows you may learn/ discover something new!

so my first style on trail is - siouxsie sioux (lead singer of siouxsie and the banshees; and iconic figure of the original 1970’s london punk scene)

watch this space for more siouxie porn


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