Monday, 21 January 2013

Snow Queen

It's snowy!! I might be late to jump on the 'snow OOTD' band wagon posts, but I've been spending the last few days recoup-orating. Today has been my first day off in what seems like weeks, then this weekend, of all weekends i have 3 days off! Happy days!

Saturday and Sunday were spent chilling, proper pajama days, catching up on tv and drinking my weight in tea. But today i've set out to be a productive day, i've taken 1000's photo's for my next few blog posts, read up some magazines, bleached my hair, sorted out some paperwork and various other boring things that needed to be done. I was going to venture into town, do some window shopping before I get paid. But decided I couldn't be bothered! ahah! This has become a sort of ritual now though, and keeps me from buying things on the wim. "If you can be bothered to go back to the shop, then you really want it" advice my mother gave my 12 year old self, which has stuck ever since.

I don't know why I look so drunk in these photo's! haha! Also please excuse the bad hair. Bleached it some more this morning and haven't bothered styling it, at the risk of damaging it even more.

Faux fur coat - New Look (OLD), Over sized knit - Topshop, Black high waisted jeans - H&M, Boots - Dr Martens, Gold Necklace - Accessorize (OLD), Chain Belt - H&M.

My jeans are so faded, I hate faded black jeans, think they look really shit, but they are currently the only pair of jeans I have! I have brought some dye for them but as of yet, haven't got round to doing it! (I will blog about it when I do). In the end all I ventured outside for, was a bar of chocolate, which I have been craving since watching 'supersize vs superskinny' last night. Im sure this programe is suppose to have the opposite effect! ahahah! So this is the rest of my afternoon....

Hope everyone is enjoying the snow!

Friday, 18 January 2013

Want some Pumpkin in that Soup?

Hey everyone!
I just wanted to share with you the wonders that is Pumpkin Soup. A independent online store specialising in DIY, Vintage and retro clothing, jewellery, and accessories. I came across the online boutique, through the owner Tori's personal blog. They have an amazing selection of over-sized boyfriend jumpers, grunge-boy shirts and 'granny' skirts.

Photo's taken from the Pumpkin Soup Dec 12 Lookbook.


Don't they seem perfect for this current weather! 

Snapshot of the Pumpkin Soup website:

I can't get enough of oversized clothing right now, they just add an edge to any outfit, plus being so big they are perfect for wrapping around yourself to warm and cosy! (sorry I keep going on about the weather! but's crazy right now!) The fashion world is having a 90's rival right now too, so getting anything 2 sizes to big, vintage and in a 'ugly' print, will instantly update your wardrobe to be on trend.

Taking a pick of Pumpkin Soup website, I have put this look together from some of my favourite pieces.
Of course this outfit would not be complete without a pair of ripped tights and distressed Doc Martens. I'll add a faux scarf too for extra warmth, and maybe even some knee high socks.

Pumpkin Soup ship internationally so there is no one that can miss out on this little online gem. Find them at also facebook Pumpkin Soup Boutique and twitter @Pumpkinsoupshop.

Thursday, 17 January 2013


I don't think I have been this excited about a collection launching....ever!Rihanna has fast become the girl to look at for style inspiration (well, she has for me) and when the news broke that she's be designing her own collection I couldn't have been more excited! And finally the date is in site!

As with a lot of things 'Rihanna' she can't seem to keep the lid on things she's involved with and does. Using her own Instagram account to promote the collection, she has been posting photo's of whats to come. The first inkling came with this photo of her posing with the models and shoot for the collection.

So how about it? The photo's dont give much away but I am in love with the tartan bomber jacket she's wearing and I can only hope it's part of the range.

Weeks later, Rihanna was spotted out and about, wearing a navy hooded 'super lux' jumpsuit - This is part of the collection.

Excited yet! :D
And lastly just a few days ago, Rihanna (again on Instagram) posted a series of photo from her shoot with Complex magazine, one of which featured her wearing Parka - also from the collection.

Alas, need  saw anymore? Im super super excited. I'm definitely going to sat on my laptop from 8 am to get a look in and buy at least something of the collection!

So, is anyone excited as me?

Tuesday, 15 January 2013


I want to welcome you all to my recently re-vamped music blog!

I have negligted it over the last few months, but one of my resolutions is to get this back up and running. I have just made a post to get you all excited about the amazing new music that is coming our way in 2013. Lots of reunions from our old teenage favourites as well as new releases of  stars we are currently in love with.

I'd really appreciate it if you could take a sneak swoop over and have a read, and of course follow if you like what your reading, and want to receive more music news!

Soon I will be creating a Facebook and youtube page for the blog, but for the time being you can find my music blog in all these places:

TUMBLR: queenszine
BLOGGER: queensgrrrlzine
BLOGLOVIN: queens-grrrl-zine


Lunchtime shopping #10

So I used to run this series of posts, when I first starting blogging. Whenever I found something on the internet while pasting time on my lunch break, I'd share it with you guys and add it to my wishlist. It was fun, I don't know why i stopped doing it really, but here it goes - again!

SPOTTED - Topshop MOTO high waisted stud panther shorts. £38

Man I want these bad!!
Buy them online now by clicking HERE!!!

Monday, 14 January 2013


Just like everyone else in the world I have fallen head over Cuban heeled in love with Jeffery Cambell Shoes, and the ones that have particularly taken my heart are the coltrane cutout boots. And also the similar styled Roscoe boots.

I saw them on another blog, and fell in love. At first I couldn't justify the £140 price tag, but after thinking about it I knew I'd get my wear out of them, they would be completely worth it, last close to forever and will go with absolutely everything in my wardrobe.

I'd also wanted a pair for black flat boots for ages too. Something sensible, can wear to work and walk to work in, and would go with trousers, jeans, skirts and dresses. - Can you tell how much i thought and convinced myself these were worth while buying!! hahaa!

Like 99% of JC shoes, they are close to impossible to buy in the UK. Office do sell them but always sell out really quick. So I was spending litarly hours trying find these shoes in my size (size 8 feet, if the task wasn't differcult enough!) in the UK, so i could avoid any tax/customs fees if brought from the US. Also, as of yet, these seem to be the only Jeffery's that haven't been copied by cheap branded shops. If i wanted fake lita's they would be easy!

Finally a pair turned up on ebay! My size pretty and much brand new! But i got scared, and spent 2 days trying to justify the £130 price tag again. But finally I did -again, when to place my bid, and the shoes and gone!!! Someone possessed as much as I am managed to get in before me and became the happy owner of JC's.

Im not going to lie the next couple of days I did spend slightly mourning the loss of these amazing shoes.

However!!! The lord of mighy upstairs was listening to my prayers, and when checking out the 'New In' page on the Topshop website I found these amazing copy cats!!!!

Not cheap, they were £95, but considering was now happy to pay the £140 for the real things, £95 seamed like bargain to me. And can I just say, I have never been happier with a pair of shoes!! I've worn pretty much every day since buying them, they are so comfy easy to style and are just plain beautiful!

Happy Happy Hanna! hahah!

Do check out Topshop's website, they have lots 'cut out' style boots in various styles. I did do a 'shoe unboxing' vlog for these but it was an epic fail! hahah! maybe next time!

Have you found any bargins this January?

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Those Dresses that Kill

Yeah, you know the dresses I mean; and oh my god this dress is one of them!

What looks like a beautiful set of vintage lingerie, this dress is straight out of the new SS13 lookbook for Miss Selfridge. 
I am completely in love! I would wear this with, black nearly opaque tights, bad ass boots such as doc martens, and an over sized coat. The dress speaks just for its self so needs only simple accessories. Also because of its sheerness, it would be easy to look 'over dressed' or dare I say it 'slutty'. But dressing it down, but keeping its beauty on show, will make this dress a definitive show stopper.

For more of the Miss Selfridge Lookbook, CLICK HERE

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

My Shop

Ok well it's not technically mine, but I am the manager and m working by myself for the next 5 weeks. So feels a little bit like my 'own' shop.

Saturday, 5 January 2013


Lucky for some, unlucky for others. Is the year 2013 really going to be your greatest year yet? I'm reading a lot people shouting off roof tops that it will be, and why wouldn't you want the new year to be better than the last?

I always like to spend the end/ beginning of the new year, recoup-orating  take  couple of days off work, have a huge de-clutter of my bedroom and my mind. Recharge my batteries and start the working year afresh. And this is exactly what I have done. after a hectic Christmas working and visiting family new Year was spent lounging in front of the telly, with the boy doing all of the above.

2012, was good to me, I got a brand new job, in a brand new career that I've always wanted to be in. Made new friends, rekindled with old one, and had an amazing holiday with some of my best friends. Which brung us all so much closer. My boyfriend and me are still going strong after 8 and half years and I can't wait to spend another year with him.

My hopes and changes for 2013? I always make the same three resolutions each year, write more, draw more and read more. You can never do enough, and each time will make you bigger and better at the skill. I want to be blogging a lot more, at least 3 times a week. Ideally I'd love to do it daily, but I just don't think I'll have the time!! Though i will try! I have a new camera and tripod, the world is my blogging oyster!

Like 99.9% of bloggers I have waaay to many clothes that just don't get worn, I need to stop spending so much of my wages on new clobber for my wardrobe. So my new motto will be 'Don't buy it, unless it looks f**king amazing' and always think of co-ordinates. So many of my clothes don't get worn cause I have nothing to wear with them, this will be a definite change! Im so bored of this issue swamping my wardrobe!

Apart from the these and the obvious other goals 'lose weight, get fit, new job' etc I'm looking forward to what 2013 will bring!

(This is a neon orange cardigan that i picked up in the river island sale yesterday. Completely obsessed with its colour! and my new fake Jeffery Campbell's!!!)

Oh, PS I also want to be blonde by the end of spring, and get out of the habit of burning myself with various hair curling items - as this morning proved!

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