Wednesday, 12 September 2012

OOTD- Ambiton

Bargin Make up/ Jewellery Haul

I'd run out of liquid eyeliner, so one lunch time I sneaked in to Superdrug to buy some more. As always though I got discrated by all the pretty colours and new products in the make-up isle. I had been using Rimmel's liguid eyeliner, but I always like to test new products and discover something new. 
Something I also wanted to get was bronzer. It is something I have never had in my make up box before (yep shock horror!) but my friends all use it and it's always in  the magazines. Plus my boyfriend always moans at me that my foundation makes me look pale, So i'd thought I'll give it a try.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Every little girls dream

Ok, it's not Prince Charming, but it's the next best thing. My brother moved out 2 weeks ago, some people might be happy that there brat sibling has moved out but I wasn't. Not only I was I emerald green with envy but I do love my brother, we are really close and I miss him loads!

Versatile blog award!

I and 14 others woke up to very happy news today to hear that we had all been nominated for the Versatile Blog Award by the beautiful Selma at Meteo Beauty!

This is my first ever blog award! Though I have seen this particular award been pass around like wild fire its the first time I have one anything so I am bloody chuffed!!! I have been working really hard on my blog over the last month or so, and it feel really good to be recognized!

The Versatile Blogger is an award being passed around to recognize budding talent in bloggers! Also this award is passed down to blogs/bloggers who you have discovered and find them very good, also following their work regularly. 

Official Versatile Blogger Award Rules:
Thank the person who gave you this award. 
 Include a link to their blog
 Next, select 15 blogs/bloggers that you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly. 
 Nominate those 15 bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award.
 Finally, tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself.
To read more on the rules check out

7 things about me
1. Me and and boyfriend got together when I was 15 and have been together now for over 8 years
2. My brother has just moved out of home, and I completely jealous but also miss him loads!
3. Im a horror film geek  and completely obsessed with everything crime related 
4. I'm a complete novice when it comes to make up, Do not know what I am doing
5. I never want to have children
6. Once I walked straight into Colin Firth during filming a scene for Easy Virtue
7. I have seriously fallen out with my cat over the last few days - reasons I can not share (he would be embarrassed)

So there you go! I hope the facts are interesting enough for you! Never been one to talk about myself! Anyways! These are the 15 blogs I am loving right now that you ought to check out.

Blogs I love
2. bobblyrainbowsocks
3. calurvillade
4. confessionsofafemaledragqueen
5. thoughts from another kook
6. Kool Thing
7. lulutrixabelle
8. the little android
9. the fabulous stains
10. self-constructed-freak
12. spookypuke
13. crazy white bitches
14. megleaisabelle
15. its abbey karson

Thanks to everyone who follows and reads my blog! Lotta love!

Wednesday, 5 September 2012


There's a river in my island

Well this morning was fun getting ready. I got dressed fine no issues, took a couple of pictures for my blog and was ready to go about my day. I began making my lunch, when I got into a heated fight with the feta cheese and chucked the 'brine' liquid that preserves the cheese all done myself. With minutes to go before i had to leave for work i wasn't best pleased and had to quickly change and chuck my clothes in the wash. (I was looking forward to wearing my Sid and Nancy t-shirt today)

this isn't abnormal infact daily i am causing issues with my clumsy butterfingered hands and forcing myself to get changed again. I've decided because it is a daily occurance and this blog is all about my life and fashion i should combine the 2. So from now on I will be documenting all my clumsiness for your amusement! hahah!!

looking forward to it?! Me too! will be a laugh for sure! Anyways as I said I did have to get changed so this now what I am wearing:

waist shot - 
including red lipstick- 
 silver nails and a large latte to go!

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Because winter is mysterious

I always find it a little difficult to dress in the summer months, I have lots of summer clothes, but unless it's 30 degrees they are no good. I still need to layer things up. So im giving up and dressing for summer now, and heading straight for winter. Winter clothes is all about texture, layering, fabrics, colours and luxury, comfort - everything I love. this is an outfit I wore last week - tartan trousers, roll neck jumper, green over sized coat, thick socks and my dm boots. A perfect winter outfit.

Monday, 3 September 2012


american appeal all in one £26, asos embleished tights £42, heart necklace £14, river island glitter jacket £60 slouch top £22, boy london top £55, new look hobo bag £19.99, wedge trainers £30, asos green flatform £35.

Well what a wishlist list! There are a few things I am need of, I need a new handbag (only have 2 one huge, one tiny - i need an inbetween one!) also i really want some slouchy tops/ jumpers that are easy to wear and will go with anything, for those days when I can't be bothered.

Searching ASOS i came accross these other goodies, the River Island gold glitter jacket is just out of this world, I can see myself wearing this to death. everyone needs a boy london top in their wardrobe and I really like this all in one american appeal jumpsuit, I would buy a bigger size and wear it baggy, roll up the trousers. These tights are just to die for!! though I go through tights like there is no tomorrow, so i don't think £42 would be worth my money but i want them so bad!!

i've been searching for a pair of the wedge trainers everywhere, yes they are everywhere but i haven't found  a pair i like. Until that was I found these today on! and just £30!!! but they only have size 3 left in stock!! who's a size 3?!! I'll be checking back  to see if they have stocked up. And lastly i just love these flatform shoes from asos, think they would go with everything.

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