Monday, 19 September 2011

the september issue

 Now it's well into September, it fills acceptable to wear tights. all though August i would refuse to wear them because it was August even if it was below 10 degrees outside. But now September is almost through i am having a tight revival! each day dressing for work is exciting i rummage through my box of tights planning each outfit carefully and because i have refused to wear tights for so long it feels like i have a whole new wardrobe. And i have that excited feeling in the pit of my stomach when you have returned home from shopping and you can't wait to try on all your new stuff.

Despite this excited feeling in my stomach, it hasn't stopped me shopping for new tights, and my list is expensive! so much choice - colour, fabric, pull ups, style, nylon, wool, pinstripe, bold, neutral, floral, thick, patterned, fishnets, etc so you don't have to rummage through shop after shop, site after site these are what i believe are the best tights out there right now:

Stripe £8.50, green neon tights £4, knee heart tights £8.50, two tone tights £10, blue tye dye £10

JOY HOISERY (ebay shop)

Best tight websites

Recently i have found myself having an obsession with the romans and Egyptians. Why this is i'm not sure but it's not just the fashion it's the history and the culture it just fascinates me. so i have been stocking up on every Egyptian and roman film, tv show. and swatting up with books. i've been watching the HBO series ROME which i think started my new obsession. the style is red permed hair and Grecian dresses, Cleopatra steals the show as always, her make-up is timeless.

oddly Topshop too have appeared to join me in my egyptian obession and the jewellery is a acient queen's dream. it probably one of there's most expensive collections but to dress like a Queen you have to spend like a Queen!! here's my pick of Topshop's jewels.
beetle stud earings £5, tassel necklace £30, gold leather cuff £15, triangle bracelet £12.50, stud bracelet £14, cobra stud earings £8.50, triangle earings £12, heavy chain necklace £50, hand broach £10, cobra ring £18.50, stud/spike necklace £30, eye cuff £16.50, beetle ring £15, hoop studs £8.50
Floral stripe £10.99, graffiti £9.99, Alaska £7.99, stripe £10.99

Tan opaque £5, rose fishnets £5, plum opaque £5, leopard print fishnets £5

Green pinstripe socks £6, cream button sock £5.99, pink opaque tights £2 – sale, black lace socks £7, knit sock £6, orange floral sock £6, spot tights £8, panal knit tights £10, fur cuff sock £15,

Lips £8.50, stripe panal £8.50, bandage £10, Gery pattern £12
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