Thursday, 25 August 2011


Lady Gaga is launching a fashion line. it is something that seems obvious one day would happen and is a wonder why it has happened sooner!

the rumour’s continue and hear say buzz’s that the fashion line will be a collaboration with her younger sister Natali Germanotta. It is all supposed to be "relatively normal and wearable" says a source a grazes magazine. but I quite the idea of been able to go into a high street shop and buy a bloody meat flesh dress and seeing the likes of us ‘norms’ wearing it. Imagine the situation walking to a room and someone else too is wearing the meat dress! Hilarious!! Though I am sure no doubt it will still show the essence of gaga style as to be honest I don’t see her clothes as that outlandish it’s not what you wear it’s how you wear that defines the person.

Bring on gaga high street!

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