Monday, 14 May 2012

birthday girl!

2 saturday's ago it was my birthday! I have reached the mighty age of 23, and I always drag my birthday out for as long as possible. Because my birthday is (note) the 5th May it always falls within the bank holiday week. I make it last all three and this year was no different, I also dragged it out to this weekend and went out with my friends to celebrate. There are no photo's though because my camera decided i wanted to take photos that were too dark or too light. So they have all been emptied into the delete bin.

As you may be aware I am British history obsessed; and amazingly, a theme run through a lot my presents. To coincide with the jubilee I had my very own royalist party, and received all these goodies:

Yes that is a Prince William and Princess Kate barbie doll!! I know its amazing! I especially love my Henry VIII teapot too, which is a hand-me-down from my grandparents.

Friends from presents are nest though, I got a Emma Bridgewater tin full of goodies from my friend hayley. A cameo and a copy of 'one flew over the cuckoo's nest' from Meg and my girl Trin managed to track down and buy me a pair of h&m shoes that I have been completely obsessing over and trying to find since I saw them 3 weeks ago in Reading and they didnt have my size. I spent the whole of sunday walking around the house, hungover, in my pajama's and wearing these shoes!


  1. those shoes are RAD, are they from the versace line? super bright and summery! xx

  2. nope just standard h&m range. you can get them online now too, they also come in black and white xx

  3. cool shoes. nice pendant too, i like the motherpearl look.


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