Wednesday, 30 May 2012


It has come to my realization, that the reason I take so long to decide what to wear each day; is because I have NO tops. 

Obviously I do have a few tops, but all of my tops are t-shirts - band shirts, slogan tee's, plain t-shirts etc. but that is it. When shopping I always buy dresses, skirts and trousers, but NEVER tops. This is why I am USELESS at deciding what to wear - because I have nothing to wear (with my trousers/ skirts/ leggings/etc)!

So, now I have made this recent discovery, in the last week my fingers, eye's and Cath kidston purse have been glued to my laptop and world of internet shopping. I've made rules to myself that from now on I am only allowed to buy tops, unless it is a dress/skirt/trousers that I really really can not live without. And also when buying a top, I must think about what multiple things I can wear with it.

Of course a few things have slipped through the net, but this is what I brought in the last week from surfing the net....

Black crop vest, aztek printed leggings, leopard print crop bustier - all river Island. Black long sleeve bardot top - ASOS.

Neon pink dress, grey dress - H&M floral bardot top, white bardot top, white bardot dress - Miss Selfridge Neon pink top, earings, belt - H&M

I also ordered another blouse from Dorothy Perkins today, I had too, they had 20% today only. (though the postage fee, pretty much added it back on) But I'm stuggling still! these tops I've new brought are great, but I need more :) hahaha! I still dont have tops to match so many more of clothes! The reason I've not brought tops before is because I'm really fussy about them so struggle to find something I like.

I have now too fallen for a pair for peg leg leopard print trousers in my mom's catalogue. Just £35 issue is though they are Neon and..... I have nothing to wear with them :) hahahaa! So more shopping again!! I need a wardrobe just for tops!

Do you have any wardrobe issues like me? Have any rules on shopping? I wanna hear about your shopping tales too!! 

Also, know anywhere to buy nice tops from?? 

Hanna X


  1. love the leppard print top, and the black crop vest. the rest is also cool, but those are my favs.


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