Wednesday, 26 June 2013


I'm back! And back with a huge haul :D Yes, though I have struggled to find the time to blog over the last month, I still found plenty of time to shop!

 So here are some snap shots of the pieces I have brought over the last 2 months or so. Annoyingly, as I am typing this my memory is going off like a siren with other pieces I have brought but not photographed (in the wash/left at boyfriends house etc) - But I'll leave them for another day :) For now....

As always, if you want to see a 'how to wear/styling' post on any of these items just leave me a comment a I will be more than happy to do it! 

 Above shot: 'Army' Jumper - New Look £15.99. Leopard Print Roll Neck Crop - Bank £12.99. Leather High waisted shorts - Topshop £30 
I'm actually in love with everything I have brought here. I've wanted an cool slogan fitted jumper AGGGES!! I think, it was since I saw one of my favourite lookbookers La Volpe in her 'Junk' sweater and was crazy jealous.  Always wanted a black leather pair of shorts, but never found a pair that fits well and was a good price. It never sesises to amaze me that a pair of shorts are the same price as a pair of jeans. Nether the less I decided I deserved these beauties after wanting them for so long, and thought my staff discount would work its justice :) And lastly, I had to fix my leopard print obsession and buy this top, which actually is part of a co-ord and you can buy a matching skirt!!(see it here) I already have 3 leopard skirts so opted out of it :)

 Stripe Crop - Topshop £7. Sport mesh insert Top - Primark £8. Enimen Crop To - Primark £10

You can imagine my excitement when I found this Eminen top in Primark last week! There was no way I was leaving the store with out it! What I love about it though is, it's a long crop. Does that make sense? haha! let me explain! Some crop top are short - they just cover you boobs, other are longer and sit at your waist - this is the later :) I loved this mesh insert top to when I saw it, but now at home I'm not so keen. Annoyingly I've already binned the tag so Im gunna have to keep it.

 Nirvana T-shirt - Primark £10. Sports Vest Primark £8. Pink Lace Crop - Topshop was £26 now £12

Another amazing find in Primark! This Nirvana t-shirt was actually from the mens dept,I really recommend to you all to ALWAYS make a stop in Primark Mens dept. they are the kings of cool print t-shirts and jumpers. I'll all ways end up buying something there. I loved this Mesh vest too - It's suppose to be a dress but I wanted it as a top so picked a size 6 (me a size 6!!) And it's the perfect top size for my size 10/12 frame.
An how beautiful is this pink lace crop!! Wanted it for ages and then it finally went into the sale! I was sooo happy! looks great worn down with a pair of 'MOM' jeans.

 Puss Puss Tshirt - H&M £9.99ish Jaws Vest - H&M £8.99 Brasilla Crop Top - H&M $6.99

Every now and then I am really impressed with H&M's peices. A couple of weeks ago I popped in with the boy to find a dress, and ended up buying these 3 treats instead! the 'Jaws' vest!!! OMFFFFG! I have acutally been waiting for this top to enter my life since I was 7 years old watched the film. Yeah they have made appearances over the years but always for big brands at £30 a pop. £30 for a t-shirt in my eyes is excessive so when I found these - I actually screamed! I brought a size small and it's actually really long, If I had a size 8 figure I could easily wear it as a dress.
The 'Puss Puss' tshirt is just cool, I've really wanted a 'tabloid' print top for ages now and I loved this because it reminds me of my cat obsession - though my boyfriend argues it actually means 'my girl parts are for sale' it doesn't mean that to me :) The 'brasilla' top is just a cool print too. The colourings and typography makes it look vintage late 80's cicra and wouldn't want that.

Baroque Tshirt - Topman £22. Denim Pinafore - Topshop £30

So I am still loving anything baroque and this Topman Tshirt feels me with all kinds of 90's nostalgia. Topman have sooo many cool pieces, there's lots of t-shirts and bomber jackets I'm dying for. Everyone needs a denim dress in there life and this pinafore style one is so easy to wear. I am now lusting for a black leather pinafore!

Embellished Crop Top - Topshop £28 

Ok, I know 2 paragraphs before I wrote that I would never pay £30 for a t-shirt, but this one is so pretty and looks so nice on I couldn't help it. (staff discount helped too!) It is unbelievably over priced, you could so easily make this yourself with a cheap plain black tee and a trip to fabric world. And though I thought about it, I knew it would just become a another project that would never happen so I craved and brought it.

 High waisted Baroque skirt - Topshop was £32 now £15. Denim Pencil skirt - River Island £22. Leopard Print skater skirt - Primark £12

Ok, so I might not of caved and brought to co-ord leopard print skirt from Bank I had to have this cute piece from Primark. I've wanted a short leopard print skater skrt for years - ever since I saw one on tumblr. I've even thought about cutting my midi length leo print skirt short and kicked myself for not buying 2. So when I saw this is primark I almost died. Skater skirts have been around for a while now, and I've never got the obsession. But now I have my own, I see how super easy they are to wear and definitely considering buying more. Denim pencil skirt - standard, fell in love with it, had to buy it. This Topshop Barqoue number though, I did fall in love with it when fall price, but because of my massive hips, the fit isn't great -Maybe thats why it's now in the sale. £15 it seemed like such a bargin to me, so I got it even if it doesn't fit so well.

Black pleather trainers - Lloyds was £30 now £22. flatforms - Shuch £55

Did you die when you saw this photo???!!! How amazing are these 'timberland' flatform boots! I have been watching them for months, and have waited and waited for them to go in the sale (which they still haven't) but couldn't wait any longer knowing that my size (size 8 always quick to sellout!) will prob sell out before the sale happened.

WOW! so that is where all my funds go every month! haha! it's actually a little scary when it is all sat there in front of you, especially when you know this isn't all of it! haha!! Opps!

As always, if you want to see a 'how to wear/styling' post on any of these items just leave me a comment a I will be more than happy to do it!  I'll be back to the normal blogging rate now :)

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