Sunday, 1 September 2013

Reading Festival 2013

When the biggest music festival is minutes from your house, there is literally no excuse to why you wouldn't want to go! This year was the first time I went to Reading Festival for the entire weekend, and I had such an amazing time spending it with some of my best friends. Somehow I only managed to see about 8 acts all weekend! haha! The majority of the day was spent drinking stella in the beer tent and soaking up the atmosphere.

 I had all good intentions of photographing each day 'what I wore' but somehow I ended up only taking photo's on Friday! I must have been feeling lazy by day 2 and lost all effort to rummage through my bag. So, this is what I wore day 1: 

 Slightly over dressed compare to my friend and the rest of the Reading crowd. I wore my TOPSHOP Baxter jeans, with DM's and simple vest top and an over sized Leopard Silk shirt that I brought from a charity shop a couple of years ago. The shirt was great because I wore it buttoned up during the morning, but as it got hot I could unbutton it, where it as a 'komino' or take it off completely and tie around my waist for a cool 'festival' look.

I promise next year will be more of an effort photography wise!

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