Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Lotta Love


I made a concious effort not long after my last blog post (March) to take a serious break from blogging. This time LIFE was taking it's toll and I really just had concentrate on it before I had mental break down! But now things are finally calm again and life is starting to set in it's new position, which is exciting, and I can't wait to get blogging again! 

During my break from blogging, there was lots happening which I am likely to back track on and share with you. The biggest change is I've moved house! (expect lots of house related blog posts soon) I've been holiday to Malta, plus had a quick getaway with friends which I'd love to share. Work is just as insane as ever and we will be launching our AW14 Collection in the next couple of weeks which is so so exciting! Seeing pieces I helped designed be made in to a garment and then selling out before it's even gone online is just amazing! (If your interested I work at Really Wild Clothing) I will also be working at this year's CLA Game Fair next weekend with work, it will be my first year and I have been told, it is the highlight for the company, we launch our new collection and the atmosphere is electric. I will of course be telling you all about it when I'm back.

I have so many blogging ideas, I really can't wait to get started! There will be a whole new life to my blog and new style of posts. So please watch this space for lots of exciting going ons!

Lotta Love!


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