Monday, 14 July 2014



Today was the first time I had the chance to explore the village, since moving in 3 weeks ago.
Though I've visited Hungerford a lot previously it felt different now this is where I live. I must add - Hungerford is technically a town, but compared to the town I've come from, I feel like 'City girl moved to the country'

 Hungerford has a huge tourist attraction because of it's amazing antique shopping arcades. These were of course on top of my list to visit today, moving into a new place is the perfect excuse to buy lots of new homey gifts for myself.

 couldn't resist these vintage print cushions!

Cool vintage Chanel prints and even more amazing vintage Chanel earrings!!

Book warm heaven!

Love these old milestones.

 Cute streets, these building is actually the village dentist!

Back home I had to buy the Gil Elvgren inspired print cushions. They fit perfect with my 'retro' look that I am trying to achieve!
The nightlife in Hungerford is null and void. Everywhere shuts at 12 even the kehab shop switches all the cookers off at half 11, which is good for my liver and purse but not so great for my social skills. Considering the 'villageness' of the town there definitely is a young crowd in the town which I like, and I hope to make some new village friends soon! If you live in the area let me know! lets do a meet up!

Lotta love Hanna xx

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