Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Like a leopard would

i took some time out from my lunch break today and had a stroll down thatcham high street. Thatcham is the town next to mine. it's tiny, rough, full of oap and chav's. it consists of 2 co-op's a post office with a small que (which is why i was there) indian takeway, amry surplers and 6 charity shops. it was when i was walking past one charity shop i spotted this oversize leopard print shirt.

 A bargin at £4.50!! considering in m ebay i was watching a shirt pretty much the same for £20. it had some nasty shoulder pads which needed removing; but i am tres pleased with my lunch time buy.

this isn't the only leopard print purchase i've made this week!! hahahah! ok i confess i am a leopard print whore!! yesterday i brought a leopard bodycon skirt from New look. £12.99 lil expensive for me, but it will certainly get it's wear from it. (i would upload a photo to show but my camera has decided that it will not work past 9.30)

these talks of leopard print and my obesstion has inspired me for my next 'fashion challenge' first it was ban of black for lent, then to wear a different pair of shoes everyday. Now challenge no.3 is - leopard print. i have so much leopard print in my wardrobe that i am going to wear it everyday for a month. photo diary will appear i promise.

now for some inspiration:

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