Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Kick Ass

it's November, and if your like me working in an air conditioned office. the Winter chill has come sooner than expected. so it while day dreaming at the dull gery sky i have been dreaming of boots. My Doc Martens are getting lonely and they need some sweet company in my stuffy wardrobe. so i've picked through the high street and these i believe are boots to kick some snow man butts! (note: they aren't all pratical do this; kick buts at your own risk)

H&M :

 Suede boots £19.99 Brown Leather boots £29.99 Red Leather Detachable boots £69.99


Blue Leather £38.00 Knee High Sock boots £75.00 Black Studded boots £75.00 Tan Leather boots £80.00 Black with Fur trim heeled boots £50.00 Red Suede boots £38.00


Red leather heeled boots £120.00 Brown Leather Wedge boots £120.00 Red Leather tie up heeled boots £100.00 Calf Length Black Buckle boots £195.00 Snake Sking boots £75.00 Red Buckle boots £68.00 Brown Buckle Suede boots £38.00

Many of the boots pictured are avalible in alterturnitve colours. See shop's website for options and more infomation.

Now the boots i think i have choosen to buy this winter :

from Schuh own brand Schuh £55.00. Now i just have to wait until payday  - 10 days!

happy winter <3

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