Tuesday, 1 November 2011

it's another tuesday morning. another day which feels like every monday morning. and to be honest most days feel like this now; but hang forth! im not gunna let it ruin my day, as everyday could be my last and i dont wanna go out as miserible sod.
so writing to you drinking my vitamin c supplement and munching on some marmite toast wondering weather i should wear my vintage gold mod clip on earings or just skip out and wear some simple studs. today is just another day in the office, i've decide to go for audrey image today with black ciggerette trousers and some amazing leopard print loafers from river island.but apart from my shoes i have nothing exciting planned but im in the mood to do some sewing which i will prob do this evening while sat in front of the tv wathing texas chainsaw masacare. oh and start reading m new book - the white queen by phillippa gregory. i do enjoy the excitiment of starting a new book! so my day is gunna turn out so bad after all :)

i also added some glitter to my nails to cheer me up. (excuse the bollocks picture quality my camera is shite!) bring on march when i can be happy!

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