Thursday, 15 November 2012


I am completely obsessed with gold right now, I'm a magpie to everything 'gold' in shops right now and im searching for the perfect gold trousers. (Saw some in new look months ago wish i brought them!) My search took me to h&m today and I brought a pair for £24.99 but Im gunna take them back because they didnt fit right - does anyone else find this with H&M's trousers/jeans?

Anyways, I just think black and gold look amazing together, they make everything look luxury, vintage and also dark/edgy when you wear gold items casually instead of dressing it up like it should be. The gold baroque reminds me of 90's versace too which is probably another reason why im in love with. So i now have the perfect gold skirt, shoes, and nail varnish, I just need the trousers, jacket and baroque shirt to finish the look.

hahah! If only! Here's more GOLD inspiration.


  1. Love the gold trend! Its by far one of my favorites!

  2. i love gold on black its my fav combination. xx

  3. Love this, I alwats love gold & black as a failsafe combo! Some nice picks! xx


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