Tuesday, 27 November 2012


I have this weird fascination/love for artist, musician  activist, singer, songwriter M.I.A. Its weird because I get completely obsessed with her for 2 weeks, cant stop youtubing her music and video's dancing around my bedroom to galang and bad girls and drool over google images for days over her style. And its strange because it happens every 4/5 months, I get obsessed then move on to something else, and something reminds me of her and I am back there again!

Did you know she was once a student at Central ST Martins and her room mate was Luella Bartley? Nope me neither till today, She designed clothes for a limited edition 'Okley Run' line; Mexican and African style jackets and leggings, Islamic-inspired and water melon-print hoodies, and tour-inspired designs – were sold in 2008 during New York fashion week. She commented, "I wanted to tie all my work together. When I make an album, I make a number of artworks that go with it, and now I make some clothes that go with it too. So this Okley run was an extension of my Kala album and artwork."

So here's what I am obsessing over..............

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