Tuesday, 13 November 2012


So I've been shopping again! woop woop! Slightly over spent as checked my bank today and I am some how £70 overdrawn! Opps! Oh well life goes on.......

Everything I brought was on complete impluse and i managed to pick a few bargins. Topshop is one of my favourite places for jewellery but 9 times out of 20 it over priced so I luurve picking things up in there sale and normally there end up being just a couple of quid.

(excuse poor photos - its that time of year) I picked up these ugly cat earings and these huge red/gold ones. Im not really sure what to call them! and these bike chain necklaces. I thought it was one necklace but when I got home i discovered its actually a pack of  7!!!!!! Amazing! they are seperate and only cost £3.50 what a bloody bargin!! its differcult to see but there are different shades of gold, khaki and silver in bike chain links

I always, always shop the mens dept. And I mean i shop there for me (im not a generous girlfriend! haha) I love the way mens clothes fit on girls, plus they just have some really cool pieces. I brought this h&m 'parental advisory' vest online £8.99  which I have fallen in love with, I just wish it was summer! I can imagine me living in it next summer. And, also from the mens I got this amazing shark t-shirt from New Look!!

I have also fallen flat for the shart t-shirt. It reminds me of of my favourite all time films JAWS and IT GLOWS IN THE DARK!!!! I kid you not! Bloddy genius! whats not to love!

Drunk at a house party about 2 years ago I lost my favourite tartan scarf :( Ive been looking for a new one since and found these snood in New Look for £7.99. I also brought this black/green dip dye snood for £7.99 because it reminded me of a £85 cashmere scarf we have a work that I am obsessed with! haha tenth of the price!

Continuing with the tartan and New look theme I also picked up this waist belt and socks. 3 pairs for £4 and I couldnt resist the crucifix pair.

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