Sunday, 30 December 2012


It's been nearly a week since Christmas, and it feels a bit late to now be doing a Christmas post. But i've enjoyed reading everyone's so much that I wanted to do my own!
Being in retail I was back to work on the 27th and haven't had time to sit down and do this post till now :)

I didn't take that many photo's in the end, well i did, but not alot of what was going on aka none of myself! haha thats lots of pictures of my boyfriend being all 'bah humbug'; does anyone have this issue? I love taking photos, take photos all day but Im not one to photograph myself or ask someone to take a photo of me. I have thousands of photos of things ive done, but hardly any of me doing them - you get me?
Possible new years resolution then - hire a paparazzi! haha!

Dorothy helping me with some last mintue wrapping!
 santa's been!! drunk the whisky and ate the mince pie!

 me and the boy, christmas morning (wearing my new blanket from santa)
christmas tradition - breakfast coctails
 wouldnt be christmas without....
preping the food! 
ready for the oven!
 sleepy pussy cats - had a busy morning!
 board games - standard
 me and my bro in our christmas onesie's!
Boxing day evening, we went to mt uncles house, all i took was this photo of my aunties beautiful PIP china!

Presents!!!! So what did I get??! 
 books! love love books! never get enough!
 tripod for my new camera!! my the lovely boy! xxx
 plague for the bedroom wall, from my bestie
a curling wand!! this is CRAZY! So fucking good will do a post about it soon!

I also got lots of little things, like dvd's cd's purfume, tolietries, clothes, money, vouchers etc. As with every christmas it is manic trying to fit in seeing everyone, but I had such a lovely time. Bring on next year, when I plan on lots more photos of me!! Now looking forward to the next few days were I will be house sitting at my uncles house chilling with some well earned days of work!

Happy new year everyone!!
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