Tuesday, 11 December 2012

One of the lads

I fell for this 'parental advisory' wife beater in the mens section of h&m last month. And I couldn't wait to get it home, pose around and dream of summer - which this will be a staple.
Anyways, buying the top it occurred to me that I have A LOT of mens clothes, and I thought I'll show you into my wardrobe of androgynous pieces. I have worn 'boys' clothes for as long as I can remember, something of the 'lad' within me and trying to be one of the boys is probably to blame, but I always just loved the way that mens clothes are cut, they look great on a women's body.

It's also always annoyed me when, high st shops have there 'boyfriend cardigans' and 'boyfriend jeans' go the the mens and buy a PROPER boyfriend's cardigan and jeans from the section for MEN.

create an animated gif
create an animated gif

Especially, with the whole 90's rivial thing going on too, heading to the mens section now would never be better, they just have better statement and print t-shirts/jumpers than women. - which these next photo's will show....

So, into my wardrobe we go! these is just a selection of mens t-shirts I have. I also have coats, jeans, shoes and bags. (should of been a bloke!) There is also meanings behind these shirts and why I brought them, I hope you enjoy!

H&M reverse knit jumper - i brought this couple years back, after seeing a simular one on tumblr and falling for it. Heavens knows a week later this turned up in H&M

New Look - Shark t-shirt
Im completely obbessed with sharks, so I had to have this as it also reminded me of the film Jaws (one of my favourites) this shirt also glows in the dark!!! CRAZY!

Primark Amy Winehouse and Mark Ronson T-shirt. This shirt was in primark a couple of months after she died. they did have a 'winehouse' print top in the ladies but I brought this mens one because of the photograph, I saw Amy Winehouse in Bournemouth not long before this performance at the Brits and I remember watching it on tv, thinking I was so lucky to see her live.

Vintage Sex Pistols T-shirt
My step dad gave me this shirt that belonged to him, when I was going through my punk discovery stage at about 15. He brought it back in the 70's so it would an original vintage top. I wore it to death and I still love it so much. Brings back a lot of happy teen memories.

New Look - Fresh Prince t-shirt
I saw this in New Look and nearly died! Hhaha! I had to have it, me and my brother were both obsessed with will smith and the fresh prince growing up, I couldnt wait to show it to him and he appreciated its coolness as much as I did!
Ebay - Hole, teenage whore t-shirt
Hole is my favourite band in the whole wide world. I found this t-shirt on ebay and it pictures one of my favourite songs. I customised it by cutting around the neck and rolling up the sleeves.

Red Nose Day - Shakespeare t-shirt
Its really important to me, to know where I came from. Shakespeare is a huge part of British culture and I where this shirt so proudly, plus am I big Shakespeare fan. Annoyingly though, everytime I where is top people always ask me is it red nose day? as if I am some red nose day PR girl.

New Look - rose print cross tee
As I said, mens tops are just better for bold prints and graphics. you'll never see this in the womens section. - Completely obbsessed with this top!

Team GB shirt
As this post is proving clothes provide memories, and whenever something historical is taking place I always buy a t-shirt and mug to remember I was there. And the same goes for this next t-shirt...

Everyone needs a Obama t-shirt in there life.

Hope you've enjoyed this little invite into my wardrobe!


  1. I love all those tees especially the shark one, omg envy <3


  2. I love your style! i want that parental advisory top now! xx



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