Tuesday, 30 April 2013


 I decided in a previous post, to do some styling posts. They are always fun to shoot and I enjoy reading them on other blogs...SO I'm gunna start doing more of them!

In a previous, post I asked you lovely readers what you want to see styled and this 'Cry Baby' Top from H&M came up (read the post here, I will be doing style posts for the other requests).

OUTFIT 1: Pencil Tube Skirt (River Island)
 I actually live in this tube skirt. It is so easy to dress pieces up and down with, and I think it looks great worn in a cool and easy way like I have done here with a denim jacket and messy bun. For weather purposes I had to get the flatform sandals out for this, but I would probably chuck on a pair of converse for a quick 'pub lunch/running errands' look :) though this is casual, you could so easily add a pair of massive heels, tart up your hair and accessories and wear it for a night out.

OUTFIT 2: High Waisted Jeans (River Island)
Another easy, chuck anything on look is this look with some my favourite high waisted jeans. Wearing them with my grey creepers and chunky jewellery, toughens the look and gives it a cool edge. The side of the top scoops down quite low, so I chose to wear  a polka dot boob tube underneath to add some subtle layering detail to the outfit. If your brave enough, it would look great with a bright coloured bra or no bra at all!

The original top. As I said I'm gunna do lots more of these 'styling posts' so flood me with your requests!

And thanks for all those that are following me on bloglovin! if your not, then the link is 'HERE!'

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