Friday, 3 May 2013

Packing for a very British holiday

I'm going on holiday! Yay!

Leaving tomorrow I'm heading south, for the Jurassic Coast and pitching up in sunny Dorset! Typically I have left it to the last minute to pack, and as you can see, my bag just aint big enough! But, as I started packing I thought it would be a great idea, to post about packing for a 'British holiday' rather than the typical 'Abroad 30+ degrees holiday'; also it will give you a good chance to have a nice nose at what I have packed :)

This is everything I am trying to pack! hahah! IT WILL FIT!  So what are my tips for packing a 'British Holiday' suitcase? Well here you go:

  1. Make a list - Best place to start I think, list everything you need/wanna pack to avoid forgetting something.
  2. Pack for all weathers.
  3. Plan ya outfits! Obvious, but I always write a list of the days I am away, and pack an outfit for each. obs don't have to be strict to it and wear exactly what you planned for each day, but for peace of mind you will know you are outfit covered! Also try create outfits that can interchange, this way you will  save more space iN your bag by packing less.
  4. Think of what activities your going to be doing - eating out? beach? shopping? days out? Make sure you got something to wear for all.
  5. Roll not fold! A huge top tip that my ma taught me years ago. If you ROLL your clothes, then they don't crease!
  6. Pack Spares - few extra tops, extra pants, extra pair of jeans etc you never know what might happen!
  7. Take a good book/magazine - To me this is obvious but I'm always amazed when holidaying with someone and they don' have any reading material. If you get stuck in traffic or having a lazy day on the beach it is nice to pick up a book :)

So many hair products! Anyways, I am soooo excited! I am going with my boyfriend and his family; including his parents, brothers, sister-in-laws, niece and nephew. It's gunna be so much fun, especially as Chris's niece has decided we are having a pirate day and have to dress up, act, and speak like pirates for the whole day! hahah I can not wait!

It is also my birthday while I am away! (Feel free to leave me your birthday messages below!) We are gunna go to a cider brewery and drinks lots of scrumpy! yumm yumm!

See you in a week! 
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