Tuesday, 21 January 2014

DAY IN THE LIFE: London Visit

This Saturday I spent the day in London with my lovely friend Michelle (who travelled down from Sunderland may I add) to visit the Andy Warhol’s Muse by David McCabe exhibition at Proud Camden. Of course that was just a small part of the day, we also did a small amount of retail therapy on Oxford St and within the Camden markets.

Like any trip to London the morning started sitting a a very cold station platform with a cup of coffee and a yorkie bar - a treat to myself for the early start. The journey to London is just 40 mins for me on the train, but I kept myself occupied with my book club's first read 'The Night Circus' By Erin Morgenstein. (If you want a review, comment below and I will know to do a post!)

We set up the perfect meeting place - Outside Topshop on Oxford St. I have never been inside this Topshop store, but oh my god it is insane! Not only is it huge, they must have space for every available Topshop item you could litually spend all day there!! The ground floor is space hosted for concession brands such as Motel, Ragged Priest, Illustrated People to name a few. But also 'Bleach London' the now cult hairdressers is there, plus a nail bar and beaut saloon - it's the works! I was in complete ore of everything, so much so I think I was slightly over whelmed and didn't buy anything! Hhaha! I did take this photo to give an insight for those of you that haven't been. If you have I would love to read your views!!

After the Topshop adventure we walked over to Liberty's - probably one of my favourite London Buildings. Michelle was keeping a look out for a Kenzo jumper that she had seen online, but they didn't have it. 

 Inside of Liberty's.

We finally made over to Camden. (issues with the Northern line, caused a slight pain.) Without a doubt Camden is one of my favourite places in the world (I know easliy pleased!) It just pours culture, creativity and there is a constant buzz around the town at all hours of the day.

We had to ask a couple of people for the directions to Proud Camden, but got there in the end. It's such a cool venue for an exhibition. Essentially it is a club, as we walked to the door, there was a guy stood outside shouting 'Live music starting in 10 mins' this was at 2pm in the middle of the afternoon which was just really cool, and as you went in you walk into the venue room, which hoosted the exhibition and the live music - plus a bar :) It looked liked this:

You can see on the far wall some of the photographs from the exhibition. It wasn't very big, but there was lots of photo's of Edie Sedgewick, which made me happy and they were alot images I that hadn't seen before which is always a plus! I managed to sneak a few photo's before getting told off.

Got a quick toilet selfie while no one was looking!
Getting home felt bliss. It's tiering walking around London all day especially when it is just 5 degrees.  At home the boyfriend and I huggled up to watch Prison Break (my other new obsession!) and drank lots of tea. He also loved his 'Heisenberg' t-shirt that I brought him in Camden, it was 2 for £15 so I had to buy myself a 'Boy London' top :)

Until next time!!

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