Wednesday, 8 January 2014


 So life has completely got in the way of my blogging in the last 3 months. But rather than dwell on it and go on about 'hoe much of a shit blogger I am' I thought I would embrace it and show you in a small photo-montage exactly what I have been up to over the last few months. - I largely blame my new job (which I love) for taking up my time, it has been amazingly busy, and has completely taken over my life carries on and there is more to my life than work!

Back in September I went to my boyfriend's brother's wedding (mouthful!) in Canada! It was amazing! What an amazing country! We visited for just a week, but it was so consumed with 'wedding stuff' that we didn't actually get to explore much. This photo is taken on the cliff edge where the ceremony took place - SO BEAUTIFUL! I am defiantely planning a trip again soon!

 With every happy, glorious life celebration; mother nature has something tragic happen, just to remind you who is boss. Unfortunately this time life took my grandfather away from me. He was such an amazing figure in my life and extremely influential.  I miss him daily. (this is a photo of my grandad with my brother and I - my brother's hair! haha!)

Cosmopolitan - need I say any more.

I finally got a hair cut!! Yay! New job meant I FINALLY had funds to get the snip. My hair was in such a bad condition from all the dip dying and bleach it had to all come off. Though I am growing it again to dip dye it again! Ha!

 Within a month of my new job I was flying out to Portugal to visit our factory - yes it is exciting as it sounds! This is a snap shot of our tweed sat waiting to be made into some beautiful garments!
Back at work from Portugal, and it's time to begin designing A/W 2014.
 HALLOWEEN! And I was dressed as Wednesday Adams.
Work again - Stall at Burlington Arcade Christmas Bazzar evening.
My Christmas jumper purchase
Work event - 100 years of Aston Martin at Newport Pangnell. We had a stall at the event, which was hosted to Aston Martin's cliental with a short film factory visit and entertainment.
Singers at the Aston Martin event (So sorry I can't remember their name but they were amazing!)
Another working event, this time at Stratstone of Mayfair launching the new long based Range Rover.
My first mess due! The boyfriend got promoted so I know get to go to all these exciting balls (I hope!) Here I am wearing a beautiful lace dress from Monsoon.
CHRISTMAS! I bloody love Christmas, and this year was especially great because I got see some of family that rang away to America including this guy my cousin!
Its NYE!!! So the boyfriend and I decided to spend a couple of rainy days in London. for new year we went to the O2 and saw the Progidy which was AMAZING!!!

 Us flying across the River Thames on the Emirates Air Bus. Bloody terrifying but extremely fun at the same time!
 What I wore to the NYE at the 02. Topshop high waisted jeans and lace crop top.
On route home I was able to get my geek on and stopped at Hampton Court Palace.
Then just last weekend, It was time to celebrate the Canadian wedding in England! Who doesn't love a wedding! Here I am wearing a red lace dress which is from Marks and Spencer.

Phew! Do you see now why my blogging was put to one side! I promise you my life is normally very boring and though I have a very busy 3 months, it has now died down and will be boring forever.

Happy New Year!!!

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