Thursday, 20 March 2014


Remember this scene from Edward Scisscorhands? Peg visiting Edward's castle in the hills dropping off her latest Avon Catalogue, though its no longer pastel colours and wool co-ords, the principle (earning a little extra cash) is still there, which is why I have recently become an Avon representative! Woohoo!!

Now, this scene is still true, my friends and I love gathering around looking through the catalogue and trying out the samples, but the products are modern. Just like the high street they have the BB creams, anti-aging technology, gel nail varnishes and celebrity collaborations. They have a vast selection of products and proving themselves to be as good as the other high street beauty brands. The prices are so reasonable and come highly recommended, you don't even need to wait for a representive to come to your castle in the hills, you can now order straight from the brochure online!! CLICK HERE TO VIEW BROCHURE!

 How insane does this mascara look!?!!

Though you may think I am being biased I really recommended everyone to take a look at the site and admire the array of products - there is just so much to choose from! It can be unnerving buying unknown product online the prices are so good that it's a risk you can easily take.


 Keep watching this space for future reviews and discounts!

 lotta love!


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