Saturday, 9 August 2014

What to wear: at the races

This post comes because next Saturday I will be attending the Ladies Race Day in my home town Newbury. So, of course with just a week to go, the big question 'What do I wear?' has come to mind. 

Newbury races is a funny one. It is a lot more casual than what you see and hear about Ascot, you can count the number of hats and fascinators you'll see on one hand. There are no rules on skirt lengths and dress straps. What people tend to wear is simular to a night out or a wedding - a standard dress and heels kinda thing.

I am unfortunately to poor to buy anything new for this occasion, but here are a few dresses I have put together for your inspiration.

This post has made me really excited now. Unlike normal race events, Newbury races have a tradition of ending the day's event with a music concert. The year before last, I took my little sister to see Jessie J, my boyfriend, brother and his girl friend saw Rita Ora last year and this Saturday its a night of music with Pete Tong and Annie Mac from Radio 1.

Watch this space to see my post of the day it's self and what I wore.

Lotta Love
Hanna xx

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