Monday, 8 September 2014

Fuck my pumps

Just a quick post before I go meet my friends for a drink. Feeling very blah today so its definitely jeans an baggy jumper kinda day, but my shoes sure cheer me up. Has there ever been a more appropriate song lyric blog title.

I brought these from YRU, they cost me a dime in shipping and customs but they are soo worth it. I am also wearing a funnel neck over sized jumper from Zara and an old pair of Topshop Leigh jeans that have ripped at the knee.

You may be aware that I moved in with my boyfriend in July, which is great fun but the flat is completely inappropriate for blogging. There are trees outside every window, so it's really differcult to take photos because the lighting is rubbish. The flat is also tiny, so there are no good spots to take full length OOTD photo's, even when the light is good. This (plus a manic word schedule) is partly why I have fallen out of the blogging-sphere over the last month. So please bare with whilst I experiment with my photography on here, expect lots of shameless mirror selfies amongst other things.

better dash!

Lotta love

Hanna <3 p="">
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