Wednesday, 10 September 2014


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Urgh. I've caught the Jeffery Cambell bug again. It's like a cold that won't leave you alone until you've spent £30 on lemsip, tissues and streplis, then mercraciously disappears as quick as it arrived.

I was snooping on the Nasty Gal last week and found these (top left & right) JC Play platform trainers. I would probably buy the dark green out of the 2, but I just love that mustard tan colour for shoes. From there I began to see what else was available, and picked out these other amazing shoes.

To me Jeffery Cambell went a little dull after the Lita's phenomenon. Everyone was doing their own version of the Lita's and like a cold everyone had them. I got bored, but it good to see they are still owning it :)

Have you got a favourite pair of JC's?

Lotta Love
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