Monday, 18 February 2013

3 words

It's that time of the month when payday is in reach and I start narrowing down my 'wishlists' to 'what I can actually afford list'.

I have been on a journey of self discovery recently, and in particular I am learning about my skin tone, and my body shape. I've finally come to terms with my olive skin, accepting it, and dare I say it, almost loving it?? (maybe not yet).
 As part of this learning curve I'm finding what suits me, my undertones and colourings. Learning that I have a yellow undertone, which is a 'cool' colour tone, (I always assumed I was 'warm' because I had olive skin) I've finally been able to find a foundation that suits me and with that I am discovering more colours and clothes. I think this is why I have had a sudden urge to clear out everything in my wardrobe, and buy a whole new one!

And with this sudden urge I have found myself obsessing over 3 colours - Cobalt Blue, Bright White and Burnt Orange. (ironically blue and orange are 2 colours I thought I could never wear). These are my current lusts!:

L-R Contrast Sleeve Dress Topshop £29, Blue Flatforms Topshop £48, Geometric Print Jumper Dress Topshop £38, Blue oversized Knit Jumper Topshop £36, Number Sleeve Pullover Topshop £35, Lace Top Miss Selfridge £24, Blue Leather Bag River Island £30, Motel Disco Pants £42.

Colour Inspiration from - Jessie J

I am obsessing over the plain blue oversized Knit from Topshop. I've tried it on 3 times and I love it, but I cant justify paying £36 for a plain jumper. Hopefully it will be in the sale soon!

L-R: Winged Goddess T-shirt Miss Guided £11.99, White Bikini Top £1 River Island, Cheetah Crop Top Topshop £14, White cutout Top Miss Guided £18.99, Sick Girl Cap £35 (ava. ASOS.COM) Adiddas Watch £50, White Buckle Wedges River Island £60, Wu Tnag Clang Sweatshirt TopShop £35, Boy London Vest (ASOS.COM) £35

Colour Inspiration - Rita Ora

In particular I'm loving white graphic/slogan tees and jumpers. I think that is the re-living the 90's thinking in my head. I love the Boy London and Sick Girl branding, but again I cant justify paying £30+ for a t-shirt that just says 'boy london'. Since seeing Rita Ora in a white swimsuit its on my wish list for this summer. I really like the sporty one that River Island have at the moment, and it's available in more colours. I also loved her simple white day dress, another on my list!

L-R orange wide leg trousers (Aqua @ £80, Topshop Lipstick in shade Infrared £8, Barry M Nail Paint in Tangerine £2.99, Orange High Tops Next (childrens dept) £35, Bodycon Dress Motel Rocks £45, Skinny Belt ASOS £6, Leather Bag Topshop £28, V-Neck Jumper Dress River Island £28.

 Colour Inspiration

How amazing does Rihanna look in orange! I always thought Orange clashed with my own skin tone, so vowed never to wear it. This was until last summer when I stole a simple orange t-shirt from my mother and received lots of compliments! Discovering my new favourite colour,  I brought this Barry M nail varnish in tangerine and wore it all summer, along with my Kate Moss for Rimmel Lipstick in shade 07 . The orange wide leg trousers above are beautiful, If I was a high flyer I would definitely snatch them up. But there is no way I can pay £80 for some orange flared trousers. Instead I think I'll have to buy the V-neck jumper dress for a much reasonable £28.

Are you obsessing over any colours recently? Or maybe discovered something you thought you couldn't wear?

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