Saturday, 16 February 2013


It's my day off!! WAAAY! Big cheer please! Ok, yesteday was actually my day off and today I am back at the shop. But being my day off I was generally excited to take some outfit shots in decent day light! (it's the little things in life!) My outfit was based around my leopard print flatform high tops thats I brought in the Jan sale but haven't worn yet. I picked up these bad boys for just £5! Can you believe it! I never shop at office, but saw these on instagram and had to have them, Office is definately now on my list of shops to check out in the sales. They had loads more shoes for fiver and you could get some Jeffery Cambells for £40!! Shame they weren't any styles I liked otherwise I would have picked them up too!

So basing my outfit around my shoes and a new t-shirt that my boss brought me back from Thailand, I was feeling a 90's r'n'b gangsta vibe. This became even more apparent once I added my baseball cap to cover up my greasy mop that  couldn't be bothered to wash.

So I went shopping and brought lots of lush things that I will show you soon! I also Video'd my day, which I will edit and maybe upload if I think any of you are interested enough to watch :) (this is a que for you to comment below and tell me so :D)

Happy weekend everyone!!! Im house sitting for my uncle this weekend that lives on a small farm. It is crazy! hardly slept last night after being kept awake by various cats, dog and chickens! Hopefully I will be so tired tonight I can sleep through it!

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