Monday, 4 February 2013

Get me to the shops!

Vintage shopping!
I have always loved vintage and antique shops. I could spend days even weeks trailing through everything and falling in love with different finds thousand times. In the back of my mind it is how I've always wanted my on wardrobe to be. Stacks of hidden treasures a collection of amazing peices, new, old, cheap and expensive. Watching old hollywood films and seeing the film stars' backstage wardrobe of costumes, jewels and make up. I've dreamt of having wardrobe that makes people go 'wow' when they walk into the room.I have in way already created this as my friends refer to my wardrobe as Narnia, and love tracing through looking for something to wear on a friday night.

A couple of weeks ago, before all the snow my boyfriend took a drive to get lost, (we do this a lot) and stopped in the next town from me which is called Hungerford.

Steeped in History, Hungerford once housed Henry VIII on a trip to London through the shire, as well as King William and Mary. It is also the hometown of popstar Will Young and a amazing salvage yard that could only be described as Kerry Katona's Living Room. (If you've seen it you know what I mean!)
Anyway, the point I am trying to make is, Hungerford is home of 85342 antique shops, some specialising in percifc's others just piles on piles of absolutely anything. These are some photo's I took while shopping not for anything in particular but having a good old fashioned window shop.

Hugerford High St

 Lots of vintage jewellery!

 Me in a mirror! wearing my tea and cake rave face t-shirt.
 Fell in love with all these furs!
Amazing wall divider! Want this in my house

I love map drawings!

Cool knife/hand gun

 Fake Chanel clip on earings! Wish I brought them! but it was a few days before payday :(
Love coloured glass!

 Books books books! could spend hours looking through them all, though the Boy will probably end up picking the heaviest one and wacking me around the head with it!
I really fell for this Religious print cabinet. Think was £500 but as my boyfriend pointed out I could easy create the same effect with PVA glue and a copy of the bible.

Have you got a favourite Antique place to shop?

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