Thursday, 14 March 2013

denim love

I have been obsessed with denim since I was 6 years old and my best friend and I had matching Red denim jackets. 12 years later, (and I still have the red denim jacket) my obsession with the hard wearing blue material became apparent when shopping with friends "Your obsessed with denim!! Oh my god, stop buying it!" exclaimed my best girl Meg, after I brought a denim jumpsuit, skirt, shirt and jacket in the space of 5 days (we were on holiday, I don't actually shop everyday - well I do, but....). It has also come apparent to myself when I've spent the last 2 months looking for a new pair of jeans - who spends that long looking for jeans! Anyways, I finally found them in Topshop - I tried 8 pairs of blue jeans on, but couldn't decide on any of them. so I walked out the changing room,  walked straight into a pair of kahki coloured jeans and brought them straight away on impulse without trying them on - they are now my favourite pairs of jeans

Once the winter months are over, my heart starts racing, because the new season always oozes in amazing new denims for spring/summer. I'm loving the bleached distressed jeans that are popping up at the moment as well as other various cuts of jeans, and i'm also after a pinafore dress. Now for some denim inspiration:

My favourite High Street shops for Denim are - Topshop, River Island and Miss Selfridge. Here's some picks I've chosen that are available to buy online. But make sure you check the website's out for more denim loveliness.

Miss Selfridge:

Playsuit £40, Peplum Top £30, Dress £40 all from

Dress £40, Jumpsuit £65, Shorts £38 all from

River Island 
Acid Jacket £50, Dress £30, Jacket £65 all from

is there any denim your loving right now?

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