Thursday, 21 March 2013

HAUL - what do you want see styled?

 So this is the all post I promised you all the other day. It has taken me so long to do because I wanted to VLOG it but my camera (ok, I admit it my hair too) just weren't playing game. I managed to snap these photo's quick yesterday afternoon, while the sun put it hat on for a few hours. I'll try to do the video again today, because I really want to join the VLOG world. Anyways.... these are all pieces I have brought over the last 2 months in Topshop, River Island, TKMaxx, charity shops and Peacocks.

*Please note I really want to do some styling posts for the things I brought, I'd really appreciate your comments below stating what pieces you would like to see styled :)*

Here we go :) :

TOPSHOP CHEETAH CROP £14.99 Buy it here
I am completely in love with this crop top. It reminds me of early 80's American Hip Hop, and I could see it on Rihanna too. Musically I am really into old Hip Hop, Garage and R'n'B at the moment (not sure what has founded this new obsession!) and this top just fuels that new obsession I can't wait for the summer!
 Now I mentioned in a previous post, (see it here) I am obsessed with the colour Orange at the moment. Found this dress in Topshop for £22 which is a little over priced for a plain orange dress, but I was so in love with the colour I didn't care. Getting home though, the dress seemed to shrink 3 inches compared to when I tried it on in topshop, and for me it's way to short to wear with just normal tights. I had already binned the receipt so I couldn't return it, but I get around it somehow - it will be worn :)
Continuing with the orange obsession, I had to buy this orange crop top too. I'm really after some 'going out tops' as i don't have any, and i thought this top would be great and really easy to dress up with high waisted black trousers, heels and some gold jewellery.

how amazing is this sweatshirt!! the camera hasn't picked it up but the barqoue print is actually gold! Amazing!! Again I thought it would be really easy to 'dress up' for a night out I wore it just last week for a meal with the family and luurved it. It's one of the pieces that looks like you've put loads of effort into it but you actually feel super comfortable because it is simply just a sweatshirt. And again it has a early hip hop cicra vibe about it - whats not to love!

Now, I almost had a heart attack when I saw this jumper, and my heart definitely stopped once I saw the price too! I've had my eye on simular Illustrated People jumpers for a while now, but cannot justify paying £40 for what is essentially a plain jumper with a word printed across it. If you haven't herd of Illustrated People it's a really cool brand that have loads of cool printed t-shirts and jumpers, you can buy it Topshop here. but I just think it's soooo over priced - and that is why I nearly died when I saw this jumper.
TKMAXX £9.99
On the rail next to the above jumper was this bad boy top for just £9.99. I love the American sport prints that are everywhere right now, and wanted to get one for a while. The number '87' is also an important number to me, so I couldn't say no to this neon bargin.

Now, tell me. Who would not buy this vest featuring the dreamy adolescent Johhny Depp? I love this movie and couldn't resist buying this top.

Being a complete sucker for anything 'Nirvana' related I loved this t-shirt dress and thought it would be perfect for summer - beach visits, festivals BBQ's etc. I brought it in a size 14 to wear as a dress, just need the sun.
 H&M 2 PAC T-SHIRT/ DRESS £14.99
Exactly the same as the kurt cobain dress I picked the '2PAC' version too. being black I think this will be really easy to wear now with black tights/leggings and DM'S.
 MISS GUIDED DILARA DRESS £16.99 buy it here
this post seems to be showcasing all my fashion related weak points! An other 'fashion' love I desire is 'baseball t-shirts' I call them that but they are probably known as something else. I mean t-shirts with contrast sleeves. I have loads and when I saw a dress version (something I had never seen before) I had to add it to my wardrobe. There were 2 colour options - grey or back. I couldn't decide between the 2 and at just £16.99 each, I thought I might as well buy both!
 Looking on Miss Guided since though, I have now spotted a leopard print version!! Arrrgh! A white version and also a shorter knee length version - which I think I prefer :( I know they say if you love dress you should buy it in many colours but I don't think it is right to have 6 versions! haha!
 How 90's grunge is this dress! Courtney Love would snap it out of my hands for sure, I love the daisy print and sweetheart neckline and can't wait to wear with DM'S and ripped tights. I do want to cut the length though, it's midi at the moment but I'd much prefer it at the knee's.
Every wardrobe needs a red flannel shirt and the thick material of this piece makes it super comfy.

I'm CRAZY in love with these trousers, not to everyone's taste but they are mine. I love the oriental print and I have some amazing cobalt blue wedges that would look amazing with this on a night out :)
And finally! (i thought it would never end!) I really wanted some black tapered trousers to glam up with some heels. These are soooo comfy and have been wearing around the house all day. I'll have a night out soon and wear them for what I brought them for!

So that is it! there was a lot and as I said they are all things I have brought over the last 2 months. Please let me know what you want to see in some styling posts! just leave me comment below!

Also thank you to everyone that is now following my via my BLOGLOVIN I really appreciate it.
And as mentioned I also created a FACEBOOK page! just basic at the moment but I will work on getting it all looking lovely and linked to all my other social outlets!

Happy Thursday!


  1. I love your new pieces, you tee with tigers on is so cute! Are you planning on wearing all your crop tops over the top of vest tees? I never know what to wear them with on a cold day!
    Georgia x

    1. hi Georgia! right now I like to wear crop tops over dress or with high waisted to keep of the cold. I'll wear a small top underneath too to add some extra layers :)

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    IT will be my pleasure, all the best to you.
    You can also like my facebook page.

  3. loveee to see the h&m cry baby vest styled up! you got some reallyyy lovely bits & bobs :) x


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