Monday, 4 March 2013

When Shopping means business - a mini haul

 So I've had a mini splurge.....again. I just couldn't help myself. I've been having a mental re-think on my life the last month, and part of that mental re-think is my wardrobe. I'm bored of spending hours every day sat on the edge of my bed staring at my wardrobe trying to decide on what to wear. And I shouldn't have too, I have sooo many clothes, so many in fact, my wardrobe door has actually fallen of the hinges.

I have to much going on right now to have my brain consumed with 'what am I going to wear today/tomorrow/the day after that' it probably takes up 60% of my daily thinking! Not healthy. So my solution is to drop everything, have a huge clear out -ebay! and create a collection of clothes that I can easily co-ordinate with different pieces, where everything matches, I can get up every morning, half asleep, grab a couple pieces and they are going to work.

In parr to this new way of thinking shopping has become serious business. (My job might have a slight influence on this way of thinking) I've stopped impulse buying and i'm carefully thinking of each piece I'm buying - what I can wear with it, how much wear will I get, etc
So, the last few things I have brought? I brought the above Micky Mouse crop top from Topshop for £16 which I believe is a bargain for Toppers (buy it here) Perfect for the summer if it dare arrives. Easy to chuck on with high waisted Jeans, shorts and skirt.

For the days, when I can not be bothered (everyday right now) I like to have some t-shirts/jumpers that I can just chuck on and it will look good. I spotted this top in River Island £20 it also comes in black and a rosey pink. At first I really wanted the black, but I have 3/4 simular tops in black already, and because I have new obsession with white I went for the latter. (buy it here)What I like about this top is I can easily dress it up with a pencil skirt, for evenings/parties/meetings etc. I've worn 4 times already and only brought it 2 weeks ago.

 Lastly, I been on the look out for a cool evening top - I don't have any. I found this amazing blouse on It's an amazing streetwear outlet website that constantly has flash sales and huge bargins. I find the website hard to use because you can't just search 'all tops' or 'all dresses' everything is laid out by brand so you have to trail through every page to find something.
Anyway, after 4 weeks and £15 custom charge I finally received it and I am sooo in love with this blouse!! I can't wait to wear it tomorrow for a well deserved night out. It's sheer fabric so I am gunna have to wear a top underneath because it is still below 5 degrees right now. I would use the website again, but just not to buy something I need for a specific occasion.

And how lush are these shoes!!! My lovely boss brought them back for me from Thailand. Super cute and comfy, and weirdly go with everything!

So this is my small 'letting you into my head' post I hope I haven't bored you to much, but I just wanted to share my latest buys and mental thinking. I did buy a few more things, but my camera decided it didn't want focus on any of the photo's I took - so look out for another 'haul post soon!' Next on my list is to redecorate my bedroom, list loads of clothes on ebay, and of course start building my wardrobe collection.

I am also on a search for a new pair of jeans. My mom and boyfriend think I am mad, because I have tired 20+ pairs of jeans on and can't make my mind up - 'Jeans are Jeans' they both said. But there not, well I don't think so anyway.

Have you ever had a re-think on your wardrobe?


  1. I love all these outfits! They're gorgeous! Definitely buying that mickey mouse top! Also, where are your jeans from they're lovely I've been looking for some similar for ages?! xx

  2. I love all these outfits! They're gorgeous! Definitely buying that mickey mouse top! Also, where are your jeans from they're lovely I've been looking for some similar for ages?! xx

  3. How hot do you look missy!? That Mickey tee is soo cute xx

  4. Loving that first outfit! amazing! xx


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