Wednesday, 21 March 2012


So, some of you may remember reading in a previous post, of my trip to Newcastle and a mention of glitterball magazine. Well this is it! my 2 days in lovely Newcastle was spent drinking wine, eating 'love hearts' and chilling on the beach for the latest issue of Glitterball Magazine!

that is moi on the cover :) you can read the latest issue by CLICKING HERE!!! It is packed with all the latest fashion, news, trends, beauty, travel, art and more. everything you see in the issue has been hand picked, photographed, written, editing, produces (unless stated) by my amazing friend Michelle Winter.
you can contact her at

There is one particular article that wasnt written by Miss Michelle and that was the article 'A History of the Riot Grrrl' and that was written by me! here is a screen print of the article looks like in the magazine, but to read it in detail please click here and go to page 98, you can read more too on my music blog.

To find out more of Glitterball Magazine you can find them on....

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twitter - click here
back issues - click here

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