Monday, 26 March 2012

Its the summer time! well the english weather right now has us certianly excited for it. My weekend was filled with window shopping, meetings, drinking rose by the canal, planning girls holiday to Greece, gardening and catching up on some good tv sunday evening! everything right now is slowly fitting in to place.

I have been off the blogging market in the last 2 weeks, so busy at work and cramming in research for meetings i just haven't had the energy to kick my flatform shoes off in the evening, with a hot mug of brown and read all the blogs im following. Because of this i have over 1000 posts to read! so if you start getting random comments from me on posts weeks old you know why!

This week my small hometown is hosting it's very on Fashion show!! Im well excited, it seems so ridiculous that our small market town is doing this, we have approximately 7 shops worth going into and a double more charity shops (dont get me wrong i am charity shop queen!) we do however have a snazzy new topshop and h&m, new look and debenhams and i am asuming it will be these shops that will be featured in the fashion show. Im not sure what to expect or what is going on exactly, imfomation is scares; but i will be documenting it all with photo's and blog post for your sweet eyes!

until next time!

Hanna <3
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