Tuesday, 6 March 2012

inspiration wall..

Following my recent love and obession for the current 'miami' trend, that is rollarstaking through the catwalks and highstreets, i decided to turn my wardrobe into a mood board for my new inspiration.

Currently it looks like this: 

i collect postcards (hint, hint) and this is a small collection of what i have. Whenever i am in a new place, visiting somewhere of interest i always by at least three postcards. the same goes for my friends, i am always asking them to buy/send me a postcard whenever they are on a visit. (if you want to become postcard penpals with me then i will be happy to!!! just mention it in a comment :D)

Now with 2 empty doors, my creative flair can start flowing. I've rippped, cut, and stamped all my magazines, and started blue tacing them to my doors. Using blue tac is best because you can move everything around and replace everything.

 The thing with collages is the more you add the better they look. So it will take some time to get the full 'miami' fever feel.

in other news, i met my best mate on my lunch break, for a sneaky look around our favourite shop in town. It's a charity shop, so full of vintage finds at great prices. I was being extremely strict and brought a purple turtle neck top that really mirrors the whole paisley, ninties rival thats going and fixes my 'miami' love, plus some bleached jeans that i want to cut into shorts.

After i took this photo, i tried the jeans on. they dont fit.GUTTED.

But all is divine! i went back today to exchange them for something, and i found the most amazing green brogues!

 i am so in love them! and the cost me just £4!! i also got this kitsch tropical scarf for a quid!! I would like to call this a very successful lunchtime afternoon shop.

I cant stop staring at my shoes!

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  1. This is such a cool idea! :)) And love your shoes! I think it would be really fun to have a postcard pen pal! Lol, I would love to do that! :)) Send me an email if you still want to jagsmitty@hotmail.com
    Xo, Smitty


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