Thursday, 8 March 2012

thursday's child

Since i only see my boyfriend at weekends, thursday evenings have become my 'beauty night' a chance to take a huge bubble bath, pluck my eyebrows, wear a face mask, paint my nails and get stuck in a good book. this eveing is no different, i'm also stopping to take 5 and reply to some letters that i have received from friends. I mentioned previously in a post this week about how i collect postcards from friends and family; but i also write to them too. And the the thing is the 2 friends i write too, are actually 2 of my closet friends, we live in the same town and meet up at least once a week. But we all won't to keep hold of the art of letter writing.

Sat at my desk again. My Audrey box is my treasure chest full of postcards and letter sets. i have so many lette sets it unreal, but my beautiful audrey box was a christmas present 2 years ago from my brother's girlfriend, she actually brought it from a salvage yard. The best gems are found in the most unsual places.

the photo of Audrey is taken from the film funny face. It's such a stylish film i urge you to watch it.
My offer still stands if anyone wants to become penpals! I will soon be postcard chums with miss jessica at jagsmitty It would be cool to get a little 'penpal' community going, just comment with your email address if you want to join in!
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