Saturday, 9 June 2012

pastures new!

thank you for all your good luck messages! It was my last day at work yesterday, and I had a lovely day! My friend came up with the idea that we would have a 'tea party' lunch to celebrate my goodbye, we each  took some food in and turned to board room into a tea party :)

I have seen less food at a wedding reception. there were 14 of us at the tea party, and we didnt eat it all. We invited the sales team too (another 20 people) to join in and the couldn't finish it. So the reust was that I took all the leftovers home, and I am still eating now! hmmm vienesse whirls for breakfast! 

But this wasnt the only surprise today! I also received 2 amazing presents!

A Cath Kidston bag and a necklace from my new work! I have had my eye on this necklace since I went for the job interview and was so amazed that I got it!! the fact the my manger took time out of her working day to visit my new work, speak to my boss and get this necklace is amazing! Im in love with it!

I also received some great 'sorry your leaving' cards. It was great last day, I even worked an hours overtime! hahaha this is norm for my (now old) work, everyone works overtime infact your even looked down apon if you dont. but anyways off to my new adventure!!!! 

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